Lost all my gear

I was at winsward, after i tp to reekwater to make an arena i lost all my gear with 619 gear score :slight_smile:
Hope you can help me with this :slight_smile:

screenshots of ur gear?

Already made mutations lvl 8 so they can check

This is the small prove of my gear score and expertise


Terribly sorry to hear about this issue with all of your gear disappearing.

Have you tried checking in all of your storage to see if the gear was accidentally sent there?

If you check and they’re not there, in this case, I would suggest contacting us through a live channel to get this looked into as soon as possible :point_right: Contact Us

We will need some game logs and possibly diagnostics files, and it’s best not to post these in the forums.

Please run a Steam file verification before contacting, and have the latest game logs ready.

They can be found like so:

  1. Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
  2. Take the most recent files from this folder: /AppData/local/AGS/New World/LogBackups.

Thank you, hopefully we can get this resolved for you.

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