Lost all progress on all achievements

Yup over 2k hours on my main, and all the achievements completely gone with the patch that broke being able to see cooking bonuses.

All the titles for them gone as well, can’t even get some of them back since how do I buy more houses, without selling houses which is a waste?

I miss being able to use some of the tougher titles to get.

what’s wrong with this picture…

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I’m sorry to see this happen to you, I’ll send it over to the developers to get looked into.

Any word on this? I still have zero of my titles, and am apparently permanently stuck at zero progress even though I had the majority of things finished after 2036 hours.

Did you try to leave the game for 5+ minutes?
There was a post it can happen cuz of the fix they deployed.

Yes I even verified files, this has been like this since the patch that broke cooking showing the bonus.

Damn, I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope they will be able to help you =(


I would say it didn’t work, as mine have been gone, and remain gone. Logging out for 5, verified files, all the normal stuff. Still no titles, and zero achievements. Even playing no longer gives achievement progress 2k hours, and I am now a titleless pariah.

@Centeotl - Unfortunately staff members, including your good self, have been saying this since launch on this issue :frowning:

One of many examples are below and it has been posted to the numerous bug megathreads as well.

Achievements and Titles are Missing - Bug Reports / Bug Reports - New World Forums

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For those experiencing this issue if you logout and back in a random number of times they always show correctly eventually.

I and many others have had this since launch :frowning:

Same problem here.

This happened to. Just log in and log back

This doesn’t fix the issue for a lot of people. There is a serious bug here that New World devs aren’t prioritizing fixing.

Honestly I think the data is gone at this point.

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