Lost Armor Pieces After Update

Curious if this may have happened to anyone else but I just logged back in after today’s update and my character was missing four out of five armor pieces that I had been wearing before the update. I had been in my full Harvesting Luck gear, some pieces collected along the way and some purchased, and now it appears that four of those pieces are gone for good. My character loaded in naked except for my head armor which I had selected to not show so that my character’s face was shown instead. The missing armor was not on my character, not in my inventory and not in any storage. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what could possibly be done to get this armor back. Any help is appreciated.

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Saw someone in my global saying his/hers harvester set had disappeared. Kalavala on EU

This happened to me as well. I lost all but my pants for my harvesting armor that i was wearing when i logged out last night. I do not see my gear in any storage or inventory. This is very aggravating. In game name: Top Plays in Celadon in NA West

Iost 3/5 of my armor on Tupia EU too

I logged out in my harvesting luck set the night before the big patch today, only my gloves are missing but they were the only “Harvester-set piece” I had, the other pieces were regular pieces of gear with harvesting luck rolled on them. Neal Beforezod, Pluto

I lost a couple of my focus parts with lifestaff buffs on them, and also my life staff lost its luck and fire staf zealot’s also missing luck. Probably devs f’ed up the game for good now.

Hi @Bev8675!

This is a known issue and the developers are working on it. I apologize for the inconvenience!

Here is the CM stating the the team is already aware of the issue just in case.

Take care!

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