Lost around 5k gold when transfering 24 thick hides

Character Name: La Ganso
Transeferred 24 thick hides out of a stack of 3746 from Weaver’s Fen to Windsward:
Confirmation dialouge cost: around 20 gold
Actual cost: around 5000 gold.

Would like to get reimbursed for the lost gold.

Welcome to the forum, @Sebb!

I’m sorry that you lost your gold while transferring items, unfortunately there is currently no way to restore lost items.

If you believe this was caused by an error, you can report it in the Bugs and Exploits section of the forum or by submitting feedback through the in-game menu.

I posted this on reddit so I’ll answer your question

"Hey guys you shouldn’t use the storage transfer because the game will charge you the full amount of items even if you only transfer 1.

Here’s how you test.

Find a Stack of 10-20 items that will charge you 5-10g. Try to “Transfer the item” and the game will tell you the price for example 10g. Then cancel it so you don’t get charged the 10g. Then you need to look at how much gold you have. Then go back to the storage and transfer only 1 item of instead of 10. It should say the price is something like 0.10 or something cheap like that. Go ahead and transfer it and you’ll see that you will lose the 10g.

So this mean if you have 2,000 Leather and you only need 20 you’ll get charged for 2k leather and lose a lot of gold."

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