Lost item - Dissapeared into nothing

What is your character name in New World:

  • Glorfinhel

What server/world did you experience your issue on:

  • Barri

Describe the issue you are experiencing

  • Lost item

What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced

  • Log in and start Chest run after equipping luck gear

When did this happen?:
Friday, 13 January 2023 (CET) :: Around 13:30

Was on live support for 6 hours waiting, nothing. Sent in tickets online and in-game, nothing. Trying here. First time I experience losing an item into the blue, I always lock my items in case such things happend. The amount of support gotten so far is next to nonne.

Let me predict the outcome of your case:

If thats the case no wonder the population is declining.

I would encourage contacting support, they are usually quite helpful. There have been many people recently who have gotten items recovered.

I have written 2 tickets in-game, 2 tickets on their website and waited on support for 6 hours yesterday, another 4 hours today.

The Submit Feedback button in-game won’t be able to help you. The tickets, however, will. They usually take around 48 hours, but can be faster. If you’ve already submitted them, I would recommend waiting.

I wish you can get your item back, but don’t count on it.
My legendary rune vanished after a mutation run and they didn’t restore it.

Like @JakeL said, the only way to get the item back is to ask cs to escalate the issue, the more info you provide and the faster you contact them the easier should be to recover it. But they do have a few condition wich they cant disclosr to us so far, maybe in the future.

I can vouch for the item recovery process as I myself got a BIS pvp pants recovered trough that channel, try reaching out trough the email where you provided the logs they asked for.

Wish you luck OP.

Have you used storage before doing the chest run?

I lost my set because of storage not openning and accidentally dropping my items in the ground.

This happened a year ago and they didn’t fixed.

PS: dunno how you can discard a “locked” item like that, thats the only game you are able to do that.

I have checked, nowhere to be seen. Considering it was my main weapon it is rought to do anything.

– Responsetime 3 days
– Handled it very well, and gave the item back

Only annoying thing was the wait time but they managed to get the item back as is/was before it went poof.

All in all good ending.


Mark your post as solution so others can be assured items can be recovered by AGS team.

They do slip up sometimes but we must give credit when credit is due.

Good to know they could help you out OP

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