Lost like 6ish hours progress

I also lost all progress, missions uncompleted, teleported, trades reversed, trade timers didnt’t stop though so gold spent listing gone again.

I didn’t get any gold at all. Where the compensation for all that loss?

Am I gonna waste my time playing again?

it’s not the best it’s the EASIEST solution
huge difference

What would be the BEST solution then? Everything else would have resulted in something being broken in tge game. How can people be so mad about 2-3 hours of lost gameplay progression. Wtf is wrong with people being so mad about it.

similar story, and i feel same…

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Fret not my friend, everyone will get 600k gold as compensation for the issues related to the previous compensation.

Congratulations! :partying_face:

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ofc, in the rolled back 6 hours you farmed 120 GS 600 armor, etc. etc. sure thing.

You need those items back, it was your hard work, otherwise you will refund on steam…I wish AGS had more Mods…in the old MMO days those threatening cry babys wouldn’t have a voice and get banned for spamming the forums with nonsense. I miss that

yeah i got loaded dice from the chest yesterday at this point i would rather not play coz they can rollback ur progress at any minute

Yeah I lost:
-2x Orichalcum chest recipes
-10x Loaded dice
-100x Void ore
-50k from dice rolling

wheres my compensation it was my most productive 6 hours in new world i had :slight_smile:
Come on Bezos least you can do for me now is give me a Million.

lmao aint that the truth.

Congratulations! :partying_face:

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We “lost” some progress so what. We just lost a bit a game time big whoop everything you had at the time we rolled back to it’s still there same for me and everyone else and once the trading post back it’s gonna be there the same stuff the way we left it. At least it can be fixed and no one is going to get advantage/disadvantage from this mistake and they still going to give out coins for houses etc… They have to work hard that this does not happen again and work a lot on communication and fixing bugs but grow up people…

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