Lost place in queue after 4 hours

I was able to log in with a very short queue right at launch, but had to sign out. I then spent 4 hours in queue, got from 600 down to 235, and was kicked out with a message “failed to join login queue. Please try again.” I am now 1519 in queue, with no movement. I should not be punished because of faulty servers! At the very least, put me back in line where I was before the servers glitched out!

Same issue here and I’ve seen many others with it on the NewWorldGame sub-reddit, hopefully bumping threads about it will cause AGS to respond and acknowledge this issue. I’ve been queueing all afternoon trying to get back on my character (after a crash) because I don’t want to redo all my progress level 1-17.

2 Compensation or refund.

same , i did 4 hour queue , and get an error, other 2 hours, another error… that’s so frustrating.

me too led to 7 hours in que yesterday happened again today now looking at close to 7 today…launches like this kill games population…

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