Lost several levels of Weaponsmithing after merge

I do not know how many levels I lost precisely, but it must be about 5-10.

I wanted to craft some Master Repair Kits the other day and wasn’t albe because of to low level. I was able to before the merge. I checked my sell orders of the past days/weeks and found some of my previously sold repair kits.

Not sure if other professions are affected as well. Atleast the professions already at 200 did not change.

Thank you in advance for any answer

Hello @PoPoKlatschErni

Firstly welcome to the community!

I’m really sorry that you are facing this issue.

Can you please follow below steps to troubleshoot this issue.

Verify integrity of game files

To learn how to verify your game files, go to Steam Support.
If you have already tried these steps and issue still persists. Please let us know we will assist you further.

Re install EAC

Look for the game directory, and then select the subfolder “EasyAntiCheat.” Click EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe to run the installer.

Restart the Game

Exit the game and completely close the game from back ground and close the Steam app.

Restart PC

Once done with abive steps restart your PC and check for any pending windows upadates.
To learn more about how to check for Windows updates, go to Microsoft Support.

Update Steam client

Steam client should automatically update when you re open the app after restarting PC.

If you have already tried these steps and issue still persists. Please let us know we will assist you further.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.

See you in Aeternum. Happy Holidays :christmas_tree:


Other Community Managers have stated that client side behavior can’t effect things like this. All the suggestions you provided appear to be client side. Please provide some additional remedies.


After following these steps, my weaponsmithing changed from 159 to 164? Still not enough to craft Master Repair Kits, but it did something.

To be fair and honest here I am not sure anymore if I used the Weaponsmithing or the Armoring for the Master Repair Kits. Since I am unsure now I do not feel comfortable pushing further on this issue.

It is still strange to me, that these seemingly client side steps fixed “something”. Thank you you for your help even during holidays.

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