lost territory due to immortality

Our guild bought the territory at the start, we have always successfully repulsed all attacks! But 2 days ago we ran into a problematic one, we were attacked with axes, which did a lot of damage. And they were all invulnerable! Throughout the war, they did not receive any damage!
If there is no rollback or zeroing of all. It’s pointless to play here! Since it is dishonest to take away the territories that you have been rocking and defending for a long time.

I think until they can fix these immortality and weapon bugs, they should turn territory wars for and focus on them, I don’t think it will take them long to fix, just needs to be focused on.

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Lol all intended mechanics. The game is made in a way where our computer has the say. There’s always gonna be cheaters. Its worth a 24 hour ban…

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