Lots complaining bows but no one complaining cc chain, stun-lock burst combo?

Why though?


Flamethrower, Scream and Leaping strike are all acceptable for some reason.

No idea why people accept the one shot CC builds, maybe as it’s always been there.

i mean when duel or in 3v3 it’s just seems broken when you can’t even move and just die in few seconds. the only counter is like to use hatchet/heavy armor which wont be optimal for bow that needs high mobility to engage in battle

Multiple reasons for that.

Primarily because the main culprit, sns is getting gutted this patch to prevent most of the cheesy wombo combos.

Bow, is severely overrepresented, mostly due to the hitbox being made so big it’s just super easy to use. It’s the new noob tube. It still has a lot of issues, but until they fix that hitbox people are going to complain xD

Otherwise, the forums had been FILLED to the brim with complaints about stunlock combos. For months.


Leaping strike is getting nerfed and freedom buffed. It’s not like people said that the bow buffs where way too much and would result in the bow getting over nerfed oh wait people did say that

How is leaping strike getting nerfed? Tried to find it but couldn’t. Being a sns/spear player it sounds bad for me lol

You will be able to dodge out before the shield bash hits

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“no one complaining cc chain, stun-lock burst combo?”

Where have you been?

Yeah this. The complaints mostly stopped recently because most people realize that it’s going away next update.

not as much bows recently

good stuff

this patch you mean next patch? sounds good then

Yeah for the reasons listed :p. It sounds like you didn’t know though, I’ll let it slide :moyai:


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Aaaah thanks, thought it was worse tbh since the person above you said sns was getting gutted. Thank god for that lol

just your assumption

Literally everyone bitched about it. That’s why it’s getting nerfed next patch.

Ironically, it only worked against squishy targets with tunnel vision, AKA every scrub simping on the recently simplified bow meta.

AGS sacrificing gameplay to protect their most fragile demographic.


Yeah! I guess :joy:

Lol yup. Hence my confusion at this post.

I wouldn’t say “only” but yeah it was p much their only true counter.

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Schitzo has been one of the most complained about builds and is getting removed next patch

Ironically, it only worked against squishy targets with tunnel vision,

Shit i still remeber getting oneshot in 200 con heavy with the blunderbuss version.

all 3 of those were cried about for quite a while now… what you on about?

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