Lots complaining bows but no one complaining cc chain, stun-lock burst combo?

I don’t doubt that.

People are still getting merc’d by SnS Hatchet. I can only imagine what their build/stat/gems are. I run 5 con/medium most days and I’ve not been “one shot” by anything short of 3 (bow) players hitting me at once in weeks.

Of course I’m also paying attention to my surroundings, which I think is the real issue at play.

Just joining to say yeah, everyone bitched about CC chains, to the point we brought up how we’d go about implementing diminishing returns.

only bruisers and healers allowed in this New World

Great! Now we just need a reliable way to obtain the freedom item perk. Oh wait…

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Why don’t people complain as much about flamethrower, scream and cheese one shot combos builds over bows? Well that answer is simple, have you have 10+ people all torching, screaming or Sns cheese you at the same time? No you haven’t. Every now and then you might get jumped by 2 sns players at the same time or hit with 2 invisible flamethrowers or 2 screams. But every single opr game for the last month has had 10 bows or more on each team. It is unbelievably frustrating to be fighting someone and just hear all the arrows flying past your head, then right before you kill the dude with 5-10 bows shooting you a pen shot lands and it interrupts your killing blow. Plus typically the team with the most bows lose and you get games ending extremely quick, in less than 5 minutes one team is 3 capped and is at the spawn farming. It kills opr.

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can bad players stop complaining about cc when people are already immortal in war jesus christ you people take every opportunity to shit on balance

What are you on about?
Flamethrower is laughable, i can nuke a mage down wile he is flaming me. I hit him much harder then he hits me. Anyone with a rapier, hatchet, spear, SnS, bow, musket, war hammer, Great axe… pretty much any other weapon including life staff can beat the Flamethrower. Is very situational and is only effective when you outnumber your enemies.

Scream is a 1sec root that tou can still block, iframe and use abilities in, same as any other root from any other weapon.

Leaping strike is getting the stagger duration cut in half allowing to dodge before shield bash hits.

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People crying doesn’t relate to anything happening. People defend the cc builds and AGS put it down to player friction.

I’m sick of rapier/musket builds but they been there for months. Purely based on numbers running a build, except took ages to nerf GA/WH.

Certain builds either have the good players running them or they need a nerf.

At the moment if go with the following:

Healers kill PvP for me.

Bow is not a problem if you move, and most use iframe and abilities to dodge.

They are accepted because they are no problem.
Be aware of your surroundings and you are fine.
Even if you get caught you survice 80% of the time. Even with 5 con.

Lol 5 con, do you play this game?

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Yes, of course. Do you?
I am running 50 con atm, because I switched to musket…

Did you ever realise you get a free light roll (even in heavy armor) when CCed?

Do you play the game?

They gutted Ice Shower (which was complained about), they gutted Gravity Veil (which was complained about), they gutted VG Scream (which was complained about), they are gutting the whole SnS CC-Death Combo (which was complained about)
Only thing that can lock you in place atm is the Hammer, which is fine because it kinda is the weapons job.

Musket/Rapier doesnt fit that category, but to be honest if you think musket needs a nerf idk what to tell you. Musket is hella underperforming now.
you will literally die to a Bow Heavy + Pen/Poisen Shot which hits you pretty much at the same time.

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no, no one on this forum has touched a meaninful war in their playtime, gl reasoning with them

If you get caught in cc and fully bursted by 2 high burst damage guys you should die in arena for 1-2 seconds. The game needs that kind of play. Otherwise mobility builds will run forever or a good bruiser will be completely immortal. Game turned into a fast pace fun for opr and arena. Wars are a bit different. It’s a cd battle like every other game of that type. Who will poke and bite the other first

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that build was barely playable, even in arena its outshined by other builds

this build is not good

this build is hardly meta, you just cant counter it which is a bit of a weird situation


Well if youre paper with no con in light and your positioning is bad without any care for your surroundings then you should get smacked.
I dont see an issue here. Currently the only actual oneshots I see are from sns/hatchet and thats only on low con lights or low health targets. Yet its getting nerfed because of cry babies who left click and dont pay attention.

If youre 200con or even 150 in medium/heavy its hard to get oneshotted unless more than 1 person is on you.

If you play light armor and complain about getting 1shot… its like youre complaining about getting wet when you go for a swim.


50-100 cons is very understandable to be 1-shot combo. But even with 150 cons full resil higher physical resist than elemental overall is just too much

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