Lotta rumors going around about you letting RTA servers die

Im hearing a lot of talk in global on Titan (surprising I know, considering there’s like 200 of us online at peak hours, but we have a good community) word is despite what literally every streamer I’ve tuned into in the last two weeks has told us- we’re apparently not being merged w/ another fresh start nor do we have the option to transfer?

Here’s the current conversation about letting every upgrade we worked individually on for days and believe me days to complete one of these upgrades allowing them to downgrade because the cities dont make enough gold with this population so they end up losing money …

This servers been doing challenges a lot of the time instead of building up our characters to help out with an event, despite constantly being the lowest pop server we still did pretty well I’m proud of the people on Titan but this server is in a really bad state now … we kept being told more people were coming and that never happened. Now we’re not going to get to merge, so I just lose all the progress I have to delete and restart ?

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See thats a problem… I even know who you are in game, cause thats the community we gots … but we hurting out here.

Same problems, different day. People rush and don’t read, then complain. it baffles me how many people log in and ASK others whats going on be it an event, a patch, or an update…and Im not shocked to find out RTA had the same issue

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what…? I mean I had heard this yesterday and…it was correct and also counter to the information we were given previously so… I do occasionally stop by the forums and check the latest dev posts but I’m not gonna sort through all the bs just to make sure I’ve checked everything and


cause people talk about it if its important. What’s your point cause it seems like you’re saying we should’ve known this from the beginning but should we have? Was it not subject to change if the people they chose as captains were saying that we would be able to – sure its loose information but its not unreasonable to think that AGS told streamers they hand picked information that hasnt been officially announced yet…

yes you should have known it at the start it was clear.

This is still the case. Do not let people like @klas tell you otherwise.

luxendra already stated it,if u are not happy with it either create new char or stop crying.

Yes… Or I could just keep posting about the concerns that everyone that planned on continuing has.

But yeah, I may decide to restart

Again, stop spreading misinformation.

Where does it say that u can transfer between fresh servers can you explain? What they are doing is that they are opening the servers,not allowing transfers so what I said is still true,they are not allowing fresh to fresh transfers.If your english is bad and cant understand basic english please stop commenting already

Why would they lock a large portion of their player base to the servers they started on? That makes no sense. There will be merges and there will be transfers, just not at the moment.

its your opinion where as luxendra stated there will be no transfers,u can keeep believing whatever you want.

Not at this does is completely different from never. You do not know English.

basic english.

You failed basic English.

not interested to reply you,if you cant read basic english its your issue not mine,have a nice evening.
as i’ve post the statement,u can believe whatever u want I have no intention to argue with a delusional person.

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