Love Letter to AGS

I have not been one to complain and have kept my hopes up with New World. I’ve enjoyed playing most aspects of the game as a player that sits somewhere between casual and ‘hardcore’. I’ve got about 850 hours in the game. I’ve far from experienced everything the game has to offer and there is still plenty of room for my character to grow, especially with the new GS 625 cap.

But AGS needs to know what they are doing with their rapidly built, poorly thought out systems. I’m finally done with this game. Not because I’m bored of it. But because I can’t progress. The recent merges destroyed our server’s community and faction balance. The 2 strongest factions are teaming up against the weakest faction. OPR is near impossible to play because everyone is running mutations on a regular basis. Getting into a mutation group is impossible as well because 80% of active players seem to either be 615+ and refuse to do anything below an m7 mutation or they are less than 590 GS and are unable to do even an m1 mutation. Congrats AGS. You took poorly designed dungeons, created a GS check scaling system, and ultimately divided the player base even further. I have logged on to the game the last 4 nights, done my CDs, queued for OPR, and advertise for m2-m3 mutations while waiting for OPR for at least an hour every night. I eventually log off having not done anything.

So I say goodbye to a game that had great potential and have no intention of returning because I’ve lost trust in the New World dev team. Thanks for the entertaining 850 hours.

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