Love this game!

Thought I’d add a good post in the middle of these miserable ppl who just won’t go away.

I love the game… its not dead.


I agree, but hate where its headed.

Its about to become farmville.

Glad you are having a great time and loving the game.
I am enjoying my time as well. Even though the game does have some glaring issues. I am still having a good time. Whether im working on crafting, or doing some gathering, pushing a territory into war with my company, expeditions, wm farming, wpvp, opr, or just chilling in/outside a town talking with people.

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LOL yeah its so great those 100s of bugs, people exploiting and all others problems with the game makes it so amazing

Ah yes because these issue are exclusive to NW. No other game in existence has ever dealt with 100s of bugs or exploits.

Nice to see a positive post :grin:

Enjoying it too. All the incessant moaning, whinging and to be honest ‘knob head’ behaviour on the forums is quite depressing.

Love the graphics, the lack of classic character classes is great and I totally enjoy wandering off exploring/gathering/hunting. Done a bit of PvP and enjoying that too.


lol are you high ? maybe if amazon fixed the shitty game then players attitude would be better but they obviously have no intention to do so. other than a nice graphics there is nothing good about the game

Latest patch fixed most of the game breaking bugs, now just waiting on the bigger november update.

no can chest bugs stopping you from looting?
no greataxe exploit ?
no lagging out the game with ice gaunlets ?
no hatchet explot?
no gold dupe exploit?
no jumping out of bounds in outpost rush before the match starts?
no unbalanced wars ?
no double lifestaff ?
no instant healing exploit?
no bugged quests stopping players progressing ?
no exploiting mobs to gain large amount of mastery ?
no hammer exploit?

good if they have, i dont believe for a second its all been fixed, amazon fixes 1 thing and break 20 other things, give it a day or 2 and there will be a new batch of exploits for people to abuse

1.Havent had this issue.
2. Never was an exploit, learn what a bug is. And it was fixed
3. This can still happen, but a fix for this takes time.
4. Again, a bug, and was fixed
5. With family share disabled, there arent going to be many doing this if any other methods work.
6. Fixed. Unless there is a new method now.
7. This happens in any game with these types of game modes.
8. Not a thing anymore
9. Fixed
10. Havent had a quest bug on me at all
11. How do you exploit mobs? At 60 mobs give full weapon exp… So very easy to just level weapons then… are you dense?
12. Fixed, again not a exploit… learn what an exploit actually is.

Has been 3 days now I believe, only 1 bug with pillar of fire from what I have seen. Really don’t see a reason to not be confident in ags ability to bug fix at this point.

Pillar and Ice Storm are still bugged. But they did fix a lot of things. Resil kinda got bugged again as well lol. But It’s an issue with the 150 con passive pushing crit res over the cap they put in place.

Still having a lot of fun playing as well. Working on capping all my gathering skills first. And running through all the various story arcs the game has to offer.

Next on the list will be finishing up refining and trade skills. Plenty of time to go still in that. Looking forward to the new content New World will still bring in the future.

On the side I’m slowly leveling up all weapon skills towards cap, raising my gold balance in the direction of gold cap.

It’s like a 3d RuneScape experience to me.

  1. lucky you, given it the only thing to do at end game

  2. bug or not people were still exploiting it after it was discovered, but whatever

  3. yeah like the rest of the shit, its early access after all

  4. see 2.

  5. better late than never i guess

  6. shouldnt have been a thing to begin with but good for them.

  7. true, or maybe it was just so unbalanced because of all the weapon bugs and players exploiting those bugs.

  8. see 6.

  9. finally

  10. [URGENT] Paths Unseen quest

  11. using the mobs in the above post you can run in, attack them they instant kill you and you get a bunch of mastery. then just repeat. its been a thing for weeks now, and still haven’t been despawed or resolved. pretty sure they could be cleared in a few seconds from a dev.

  12. it doesnt matter if its a bug or a exploit. as soon as its announced the players see the bug, exploit the fuck out of it and then weeks later amazon “fixes” it. so it doesn’t matter if its a bug or exploit. because it still breaking the game.

At the end of the day ags is fixing bugs.


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