Low Frame Rate when Camera Low to Ground

Has anyone noticed that when you bring the camera close to the ground, behind your character, the frame rate really suffers?

For example, when using a ranged weapon and aiming up at a mob that is up a hill from you. As soon as the camera makes contact with the ground and is looking up at the character / sky, the frame rate dips from my usual constant 60 out in the open areas to sometimes more like 30-40.

This is odd, considering that in most games when you look at the sky, the frame rate usually improves as there is less on screen to render!

I am using a 2070 Super, i7 10700, 16GB RAM and playing on mostly Very High settings except for Shadow and Water quality which are on High.

PS. Also have V Sync on and frame rate capped to 60, in case this is relevant :slight_smile:

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So, while playing this morning, I am not currently seeing this issue.

I believe this could be either due to the much lower population on the server right now or (perhaps more likely) the fact that I am playing at night right now. Could it perhaps be to do with daytime lighting / shadows?

Unless something has been changed in the patch that might influence this issue but I would doubt that.

I will report back once I have checked the issue in daytime again.

(Posting an update here, for those that may find it helpful!)

Having now tried again in the day, I don’t believe I’m seeing this issue. This is odd as it was constantly happening across both of my play sessions yesterday and the day before.

So, it is either a server population / server lag issue which I may find returns later in the day OR perhaps something was fixed in the latest update.

PS. Yes, I am still enjoying the game and I am sure that performance optimisation will be a focus for the dev team pre and post launch.

Sadly, this issue is now happening again.

I can only guess it is related to the server.

Same thing here, RTX 3090. Doesn’t even matter if im in middle of nowhere or close to a city. Once i look from behind my character my frames drop like 50-70% down.

Try changing Terrain Quality to High or just changing the setting at all so that the game rebuilds the terrain. Reliably (but temporarily) fixes the issue for me.

I have lowered my Terrain Quality to High and for now at least, the issue hasn’t reappeared YET

The issue does eventually come back.

You have to change the Terrain Quality setting again to temporarily fix it.