Low GPU usage in certain situations, easy to recreate

When I look at the sky, my gpu usage goes down from 100% to 40%, and so the FPS, 143 FPS to 30/40 fps… Maybe its the clouds? I try to lower the settings on the option that controls the volumetrics effects, but the same thing happens. Please check the 2x screenshots on the top left corner on for my MSI Afterburner graphs for the FPS:

Something is not right here… Can someone else confirm this?


Same situation here. Still looking for a solution. Gpu goes to 40% utilization and CPU around 50%.

Hi @Kui and @Dr.Andrew,

can you please provide your computer specs and if possible your Logs and DxDiag to pass this findings to the Devs team for further investigation?

Instructions for generating a DXdiag: Open and run DxDiag.exe

Instructions for finding the in-game logs:

  1. Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
  2. Open the most recent file from this folder: /AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups.

Paste the content on a pastebin using http://pastebin.com/ and share it here.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply LuisC,

My computer specs:
i9 9900k
16gb ram
GTX 1080ti

here is my DxDiag:

Latest log on the list (05/10/2021)

There is many logs files on the folder, if you need them all please tell me.

Hi @Kui,

Just sent this information to the Devs team, I will keep you posted with any updates :slight_smile: !!


Hi again @WarriorCE ,

Seems there are many other people with this issue as pointed out from the user @nap.rage .
I think the reason some people notice more then others is just cause of brute force, people that have 30xx they don’t notice as much cause their frames don’t go down much even at half gpu usage, now, people like me that are running the game on older cards like the 1080ti, frames go down half too, and very impactful…

You can find another post about this here and a redditt here.

Like many there, if I change the terrain detail setting, it will fix for a little while, then, it goes back to the same issue after a while.

Usually FPS should skyrocket when looking at the clouds because less items to render.
Maybe there is some kind of driversetting reducing the load because it recognizes there is less stuff happening on the screen?

You are right @dezet , in other games when I look at the sky, frames skyrocket, but in New World, the oposite happens, and it’s not all sky, it’s just some sort of angle. It’s very strange.


I have had an issue for a while, even in the closed/open beta when I am looking to the North or North West, or anywhere in between, my FPS drops significantly. I spent a lot of time tweaking all the settings to see if it was any particular setting, but it doesn’t seem to be. I just leave the game on high for now.

It also doesn’t seem to matter where I am in the world, whether in a city with high population of players, in a cave, in an area with high shadow/lighting density, or any other effects. It can be an empty field, dense forest, city, cave, wherever.

Simply looking to the North to North West will drop my frame rate from a good 55-60 down to anywhere from 20-40. I can even hear the GPU rev up when looking in this direction, and as soon as I look away it slows down.

I’ve got a Radeon 5500XT with the latest drivers. Tried clean install of drivers, different drivers, WHQL, beta. Since open beta I have tried a clean install of Windows 10 and re-installing drivers and the game.

Exactly what happens to me, must be some sort of light or shadow bug that comes from that directions that freaks out the GPU and causes it to lower is usage… Dunno.

I never consider what direction it was , but as @PotatoPuncake point it out, seems it comes from looking to the sky at NE, as you can see on my first picture I posted… it’s exactly NE… So strange.

Here is my DxDiag if it helps:


@Guys seeing this problem: you may try to change the “terrain detail” to any other setting (yes, even from low to high may improve the fps) to see if this fixes the low fps at that viewed scene.

Also refer to this thread if this coincide with yours: Strange fps drops and fix - Game Support / English Support - New World Forums

Tried that already. I tweaked the settings in the radeon control panel a bit more and it seems to be working better now.

I posted that “The change terrain detail” on my 3rd post on this thread, but it only fixes it for a few minutes then it goes back to it again…

Oh, Sorry. Overlooked your post. And yeah the time it works is not much. But I noticed that capping the fps ingame to 60 increases the time until it becomes a problem again (or I just got lucky the last two sessions).

Exact same issue here. I have a 1080TI and changing terrain detail does fix the problem BUT only for a few minutes.

@WarriorCE any updates on this issue…?

Hi everyone,

Devs team is still working on this report, as soon as they give me any updates I will let you know.



Hi LuisC, thanks for giving an update.

Just for clarification, are the devs actively working on trying to resolve this issue or is it on the back burner at the moment because of more pressing issues?


Hi, here’s mine. Game is utilizing my gpu around 30% and CPU around 60-70%. Temps go up to 50c and 70c for gpu and cpu.

PC Specs
i5 11600k
32gb ram 4x8

Please reply to this or to my email @ angelsonjamesb@gmail.com for inquiries.
Thank you!