LOW POP SERVER- Increased buffs on elites make end game UNPLAYABLE

Literally as i am typing we have 90 people online on our server. Max on most recent nights was 280. Myrk is unplayable with the buff on the elites and also extremely underwhelming when we loot an elite chest and we get terrible stuff. Maybe you should of thought about buffing the elites AFTER the server merges?!?! Hello?

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They don’t think when they release crappy changes like these. In my dying server around 150 at peak now its hard enough to find a group for these. But now it’s impossible to finish this one. But atleast we can still ninja elite chest by taunting boss away and loot the chest. But those chests are broken too. The amount of time required to kill these damage sponge bosses is not even worth it.

This would be a thing of like “you’re just in some of those unlucky low pop servers, just wait it out please”

But no, 85% of the servers are completely dead
Everybody gets fookd lol

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Same with the crafting nerf. They want people to craft the highest possible gear, but low pop servers have very few (and diminishing) high level crafting stations.

All these changes were made with 0 thought on its repercussions for the great majority of servers. They have no idea what they are doing.

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