Low pop Territory Management Problem

The Territory Management is a good thing in high populated servers , very bad in low pop servers. Any way possible to work out an average weekly count and count back total upkeep ? Example if a server has an average of 400 players make the up keep for all territories be 1/2 what normal. Maybe have rates at 400 and below = 50% , 500= 60% , 600 = 70%, 700 = 80% , 800 = 90% , 900 + normal 100%. Alot of small servers are about to go under because lack of funds due to lack of players.

Been this way for a long time sadly. My biggest issue with this system is a lot of times those towns never put up town buffs and without town buffs you can craft certain items. Been on servers only one territory has town buffs up and if it’s not the one you want oh well.

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