Low Population Server QOL Discussion

Im quite certain many of you will believe this is another “give us transfer tokens” or “merge low populations servers” post. It is not. I honestly really enjoy being on a server with less than 200 players on during peak hours. There is a real sense of community and connections on a low population server. On the server I am on with my main character, we have less than 150 people constantly. Sure OPR is maybe once or twice a day and our economy is somewhat jacked up, yet we are a tight knit server that helps each other out. These are not the point of this post. I am posting to suggest a few ideas for debate and hopefully implementation at some point (hopeful).

  1. Lower the amount of damage/mob density for Invasions.
    This is the MAIN thing that kills the server as it stands now. On Calnogor, we struggle to have any stations at or near rank 5 consistently and we are currently in a constant cycle of Raise stations to 5, get maybe 2 or 3 of them up in one territory and then, boom Invasion and blip, it is gone as well as 2 other things. We have on multiple occasions gotten 50 people to actually come to the invasion, get to near 2-3 minute mark and then lose because we have a commander up and 2 brutes spawn and a priest spawns and the head is lasering people constantly.
    My Suggestion is to have a threshold trigger. IE, if only 35 people sign up for an invasion, make it actually beatable. Obviously you would need to keep it to something like under 45 but over 20 people to retain some level of fairness/challenge. However overall, this is something that would promote smaller servers. You would also, definitely need to make sure this has a server limit, ie if there is 500 people at peaks hours it would need to be the same because it is easier for them to get 50 people.

  2. Implement large raid grouping for World Tour Chest Runs. Having an ability to actually get drops of a boss instead of JUST the first two groups would be extremely helpful. It would also be extremely beneficial to have the ability to cycle through people who are not in your direct group to heal. It would also be better to be able to see a massive group of people versus the maybe other 4 people in your group. This would also open up massive world boss ideas where we could have huge world bosses to fight against instead of the basic ones we have now. I do admit it is quite amusing that Myrkgaard and Imperial Palace say level 66 group of 5 recommended and most of us know, NO group of 5 people could EVER take down the Cathedral Portal or Yang. Hilarious. Implement raid groups for world events.

  3. With the implementation of 3v3 arenas and in the future Dungeon Finder, why is Cross Server OPR not a thing as well? I don’t even need to elaborate the reasons why it would be beneficial to have this. It would make it smaller servers have 0 issue with PvP.

  4. You really need to make it easier to report bots. On Calnogor there is a bot that has been in the literal SAME PLACE for 4 months. The hanging boat in Restless Shore has had the bot (9tinquang) camping the Ori since the winter event. 24/7 every day, every night, no matter what time, always there. MANY of us have reported the bot over and over and over and it is STILL in the same spot. Then every couple day’s “someone” posts up a few thousand gems and void ore at insane prices. It is … terrible. There has to be a better way. Credit where credit is due, you have done a fantastic job of getting rid of bots.

The first two things are the most important things that I feel would improve the small server experience. It is amazing and fun, it is just really difficult to upkeep when we have maybe 10 or 15 players mainly focusing on town boards. Small Servers For Life!

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Out of curiosity, if a person with some substantial wealth decided to come to a low pop server, what kind of items would a low-pop market desire?

Aside from raw resources.

Like, is the RP aspect big on a low pop community? Do they want collector items, or BiS items, or Trade skill sets?

What is hard to obtain in low pop that would be a QoL upgrade for a small community?

… asking for a friend.

On Calnogor the mundane stuff is what we are always buying. Like flux and sandpaper. Its easy to farm items up with little to no resistance (except 9tinquang camping). So the stuff that sells the best is the stuffon town boards, like common mana potions and such.

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