Low Risk, High Penalty PVP system

To begin, there are 3 types of players in any MMO. Those who PVP the majority of the time, those who PVE the majority of the time, and those who enjoy both equally to some degree. That last group is always the largest in a game where both styles of play are available. In New World, AGS discourages that third group and promotes a one-or-the-other style of play. At least that is how it seems to me…

AGS continues to coerce, not encourage nor are they incentivizing players to PVP. In my opinion this is because they do not appear to be capable of developing a PVP system that promotes a healthy, meaningful experience. Instead, they are continuing to reward toxic PVP gameplay and those players that engage in it. Mind you, these are the same players that went nuts during Alpha causing AGS to refocus their entire development plan toward more PVE-based gameplay. Those very same players today complain that not enough people are flagging for open-world PVP, and blame it on AGS rather than taking responsibility for their actions.

If they are going to give out free cookies to those who PVP, then I think they should also give some out to those that PVE. Why not a 30% yield bonus when gathering anything, or a 10-point increase to gear score when crafting anything. Maybe a 30% run bonus to speed up the gathering experience. The only thing I would also include is that you choose to be flagged/unflagged on your first login after rollover, and it remains that way until next rollover. You can’t simply swap back and forth whenever you want to gain the bonuses. I suppose a reduced amount of time before swapping would work as well. Just not instantly whenever you want.

I can hear the Toxic Ones screaming about “high risk, high reward blah blah blah”, but let’s be honest. Engaging in PVP is no more high risk than fighting some of the silver mobs, or even a few of the normal ones. You may think it is…but it isn’t. Regardless, your argument brings me to the main point. If that is what you think, then I suggest a “low risk, high punishment” system also be instituted to discourage toxic PVP gameplay.

Assuming they aren’t going to create a system where it is impossible to attack a player that is say…5 levels lower than you, then creating a penalty system for attacking said player should be implemented. Five levels is just a random number I chose, but personally I feel it should be between 5-7 levels. Starting at 6 levels below all worn gear (damage to gear in bags is just stupid and needs to disappear) is damaged 1%, and then increases 1% per level. So, if you attack and kill someone 20 levels below you your gear would be damaged 15%. I also wouldn’t mind if they did the same, but for territory standing instead. Or even a player’s total gold/azoth. Now, should a low-level character attack a higher-level character first, all bets are off and no penalty is assessed. This also would not apply outside open-world PVP.


Funnily enough I’m one of those in the 3rd group, I loved the PvP in DAoC, and love it in ESO, but wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole in this game as it’s not PvP it’s griefing.


the answer is simple my friend.

Dont flag.

The free cookie, is for people who flag.

People who take the added risk and enjoy the thrill for the reward, there are people like myself who enjoy the rush of gathering whilst vulnerable in high yield low combat effective gear.


Then give a free cookie to PVE as well…

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your free cookie is what you were originally entitled to, the yield from your gear set.

what is not to understand?

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Same argue could be made for PvP: If you don’t wear a gathering/farming set, just don’t farm! It’s the same stupid (sorry) logic and it’s not how people operate at all.

PVP has that same cookie. Why did they deserve an additional one?

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Added risk? PVP in this game has absolutely no risk at all. It is pure toxic carebear pvp with no loss of anything worth mentioning other than knowing you were screenshotted getting tea-bagged.

Everyone has nameplates, no friendly fire, every side has it’s own magic that apparently knows friend from foe, to include the same healing mechanic, no melee weapons interact with friendly players, this is carebear pvp at it’s finest.


None flagged in gathering gear = flagged in none gathering gear

However, the pvp flagged player, after this change, is still somewhat disadvantaged, because the moment he engages in a fight, it takes time away, and if the player dies, there are repair costs and having to run back. None flagged still fares better, also as none flagged can swoop in and take nodes from players engaged in fighting each other.

Only time this luck buff for flagged truly comes into play is when a player runs in gathering gear and flagged. This is by far the highest risk, as they are nerfing themselves through giving up on combat perks. Any flagged player in their pvp gear, will more than likely kill them. This mean high risk for repair and high risk for losing time due to having to run back. You might not even draw even with the luck buff, but go into negatives.

Those who say there is no risk - then put on your gathering gear and flag up. Simple. You have all the benefits. If you refuse to do that, then I assume it is because, well… you could end dying, have repair costs and needing to run back? Meaning you do not want that risk…

agreed, it is carebear PvP , so why are people so against flagging?

Having done exactly as you stated, I still find the risk to be no greater than when I am unflagged and wearing gathering gear. I have killed some of those that attacked, and died from some that attacked. If one dies every time in gathering gear while flagged, then I would say they need to readjust their playstyle.

Because the current system promotes toxic PVP rather than meaningful PVP.

no, it does not.

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Then I am not sure where your issue lies? Run in your gathering gear flagged, win some/lose some, pay repairs for the losses, run back for the losses, and the time invested into running back, more than likely will even out most of your gains from the bonus. If you manage to gain some extra, then that is for the risk you take, ie that time you lose and possible repairs.

If you experience that playstyle as ‘toxic’, then simply do not flag up. You will on average not lose out on much, if at all. This bonus was introduced for those who enjoy running flagged at all times, but until now were disadvantaged. Now they have a chance to not only lose out when running flagged, but hopefully draw even, maybe even gain a little.

I am pvx. I run pvp missions (we did to get a chance to declare war, after we did to lower inf gain on us), partake in wars, but when I gather or quest, I do so none flagged as that is my pve time. I have zero issue with this new luck bonus for flagged, I think it is great for the pure pvp player. They are not ‘gaining’ anything as such, but rather they were brought more in line with the none flagged. That’s fair, allowing their playstyle to not only lose out when gathering.

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that is one opinion

I guess we will just have to disagree on this then. Thanks for the feedback though. Much appreciated.

What a dumb useless post. What you’re essentially suggesting is to kill off pvp and cater to your whims.


However, please define ‘toxic’ versus ‘meaningful’. What could be more meaningful than to battle over resources? Only issue is that there are still none flagged players one can not do anything about, as well as flagged players of the same faction.

I suggested that somewhere ages ago, to have one territory called ‘Lawless’, no settlement, basically like the 3 top regions of the map, but when you enter you are automatically flagged, and faction becomes meaningless. Put nodes in there which offer higher yield/luck.

I was on a pvp server in Swtor, but of course there too you were split into faction so to speak, but they had an area where when you entered, it turned into all goes pvp and you could even attack other Jedi or Sith. Maybe something to introduce in New World as well. In truth, I would have preferred that over the luck bonus they have given, as it was bound to trigger pve players (no matter how unjust their claims are), and offered the pure pvp players a place to slag it out - everyone against everyone.

Not that some pve players would not still have complained. Some will always complain the moment pvp players get anything, but they often also complain about hardcore raiders gaining things the none raiders can’t. Heck, people are complaining in GW2 about one of the event bosses, as it is hard and you get a cool mini for beating the boss. Some people want everything for little to no effort. I was darn proud to beat that boss, but yeah, some will never be happy unless they get everything presented on a silver platter to them.

Wow…such thoughtful, intelligent and constructive feedback. Thanks!

I’m trying to understand your perspective. Can you define toxic PvP and meaningful PvP and in what ways current system promote toxic PvP?