Low Server Population / Transfer Tokens / Mergers

Please, FOR THE LOVE OF GAMING merge low pop servers, allow for purchase of transfer tokens (with cool down timers) or give an additional transfer token to people on LOW POPULATION servers as soon as possible!!

Some people transferred early not anticipating that whole companies would flock, which caused a player drain on certain servers. And now some people are just STUCK on low pop servers.
Imagine playing a MMORPG, that is only 20-200 ppl.

I’ll attach screen shots adapted from new status website. This image illustrates peak server time about 8pm on a Friday. Note that Top servers are full (Pluto, Ohonoo, Themiscyra, Olympus, Valhjalla, Eden) with 1900-2000 players.

Could any mod / dev please comment on this? Are we able to reach out to support and have them do a transfer for people on the exceptionally low servers that already used their token?

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End of year is way too long. There should be something done more immediately.

On the PTR they are trialing server merges…
They are calling it ‘World Merges’

  1. When downtime is complete, all characters and their associated data will have permanently relocated into the destination world.
  2. Companies that owned territory on the source world will be compensated an amount of coin for their loss.

There is more than this… but they are trialing server merges… If it works here, I don’t think it will be too long for this to happen on the real-world servers…

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That is good new, but merging 100 players with 90 players won’t be fireworks. My entire world set has worlds of 100ish players, dunno what to do now.

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