Lower faction transfer cooldown

I think 2 months to change factions is way too long given how some servers dynamics change / companies disband and being stuck in a dead faction or being unable to join some friends over in another one is a bit annoying.

I think putting it on par with the server transfer cooldown of 1 month would be reasonable so that it can’t be abused.

How long do you think the faction transfer cooldown should be? Also, we have a new discord server! New World Official

Hey thank for you response, I think 1 month cooldown like the server transfer cooldown would be more reasonable, given how server dynamics change pretty often (server merges / companies disbanding or merging together).

My personal experience has been that due to this 2 month cooldown I was very hesitant upon joining companies on other factions because if things end up not working out you’re stuck for 2 whole months in a possibly dead faction.