Lower taxes when I don't have any.... pointless

Lowering taxes does nothing for me since I don’t own a house. I have pretty much stopped playing because I am tired of logging into an empty server and I can’t transfer regions. At the pace server mergers are going and if/when they will allow region transfers the game will be practically dead. The game barely breaks 100k concurrent players now. The average is more around 50-70k for the past week.

No new content for the holidays, half way through December now.
No region transfers as promised with the game launch when they encourage players to "just join a low queue server, you can transfer later.
Slow response on getting servers consolidated

Empty servers, no content, no one wants to really play this anymore. Keep it up, you have 10 days to fix things. Otherwise, January will kill the game as players move to the new games they got for the holidays.

Amazon isn’t doing much to entice anyone to stick around anyways. I mean 10% savings of 0 is still 0.

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