Loyal Content Creator Support?

I see tons of big names throughout the course of New World trying to get on its feet, and I understand. You want Shroud, and Sodapoppin, you want Cohh, and Towellie, you think you want Asmongold (you dont, please <.<), you want all those big names to get people to go “oh hey, that person is playing New world”. And I get it, they draw people in. But… they stop playing. They aren’t passionate about the game.

What about the streamers who never stopped? What about all the content creators who are still playing (and yes they do exist) who are still loving it and still passionately creating content, tweeting out the pics and the going live in the category, talking about what is happening.

How are you supporting the people who are still supporting you? What are you doing to make sure that the people who have never stopped showing up for you WONT stop?

It feels like at some point if you don’t reach out to them with something real, some kind of special recognition of ‘hey we see you and we appreciate you’ they’re going to say “Well my name isn’t Shroud so I guess I don’t mean anything.”

Also, no, I’m not a streaming content creator for the game. But I follow a few and I hear them saying things like “Well I get it but it’s not really fair when I’ve never stopped promoting, never stopped playing”. Yeah I know, it’s a business. But I don’t think it’s a very good look when all these HUGE streamers get the amazing support but the people who could really use a boost don’t get one, and they’re the most knowledgeable about the game, and the most loyal supporters. Doesn’t seem fair.


Less “influencers”. All they do is create drama and split the community and become egotistical charity cases. Don’t even want Shroud.

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They want viewers for sponsor investement so they play he flavor of the week game… Lost Ark atm

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Why would we want the NW team to waste time and resources on “content creators” with audiences of 5 or 10 people who already play New World anyhow? The only value those other people have is that they are part of the modern marketing bundle, but to be part of that you have to have a large audience that extends beyond the game being advertised.

If creators like that - or in the lower to midrange - were promoted. Frontpage. Given drops, or codes to giveaway for skins. It could build THEIR communities and promote people who actually pushed the game from the standpoint of being passionate players of it. You can do both.

Pushed the game to whom? Their audience is tiny and likely overwhelmingly includes people who already play the game. If someone needs a company to promote them they are, by definition, of no value to the company. The whole point of companies caring about streamers is that those streamers can promote the company. They are exactly the same as some random “influencer” asking for free VIP passes at a bar in exchange for a shout-out, and appear just as foolish for the request. If a streamer actually had value people would be seeking them out rather than the other way around. And if they have some modicum of value, but only to people who already play the game, they can get by the same way content creators have always gotten by, without extra support out of the clear blue sky for no reason. That’s what Patreon is for; if their viewers actually value their content they themselves can pay for it to be embellished.

Hi there, hope I can help!

So, what Readergeek is suggesting is totally correct. There are many directories that die out because of a lack of support from devs for the already supporting players/streamers.

As a streamer myself, and someone thats worked with devs in the past, I can wholeheartedly say that a HUGE streamer like shroud might get a small portion of their base playing the game for a day or two days and then log out again.

Is there value in that? Or is there value in keeping a stable community in game to promote the later real state of whats going on with the player base that exists.

Basically, there is a middle ground and Id personaly like to see those at the top of the directory who arent MASSIVE like shroud etc to be given a shot or included. I myself arent there at all, and this post isnt about the streamer with a viewership thats considerably smaller.

Also if youre playing yourself, I dont see why you wouldnt want to see those that are more regular in the directory be promoted and lifted up.


Given that Twitch is an awful place to grow, and many people have spoken about how difficult it is to gain traction there, saying something like that isn’t exactly fair. Helping new streamers grow is important and investing in the community can be incredibly beneficial to everyone :slight_smile: I’m not sure what being negative gets you but I’m hopeful that something like this might be good for everyone; for morale, for the community, for the general sentiment on Twitch as a renewed investment in the players who have stuck by the game, and for people who are increasingly negative and disheartened in the forums.

Maybe something new and different would be good.

No it’s not. Streaming is not some vital part of a game’s existence and it doesn’t matter one iota if all of you had zero viewers. You are confusing cause and effect. Games that are doing well create an environment which enables “content creators” to suck at the teat of the game and attempt to fatten themselves, but the streamers are not why those games do well. If they serve any actual purpose at all you might say they are kind of like a diagnostic tool and you can gauge the health of a game by their presence, but they don’t give health to a game any more than Waffle House causes hurricanes by shutting down.

And you’re not asking for the community to be helped. You’re asking for your community be helped. Like I said I am all for helping out and gassing up the actual community, but that goal is not going to be achieved well by funneling that hype through streamers. Literally pissing resources down the drain for no reason when you could just give players everything directly and get much better hype from it, both in terms of volume and quality. Being forced to jump through the hoop of putting some shitty stream on in the background almost completely sours the dopamine hit of getting a free skin. Not even going to bring that up to my non-NW friends and if I did they’d groan. On the other hand if they started just serving up goodies periodically – with no hoops – now that’d be some good PR and something I’d mention as one of the positive highlights in my ongoing field reporting of the rollercoaster of bafflement that is this game.

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