Luck 100 or 1000?

Yes, while it looks like it’s a percentage it’s not really behind the scenes

So ideally what is the formula?

For example if you’re at 9000 luck which is 90%, against an item thats about .01% chance. Or am I getting this wrong?

I’d imagine as with most other hard to get resources that it has somewhere between 1150 and 1800 luck required to get a chance at dropping it.

You can get a total of:
2,8 x 13 from armor, jewelry, weapons and bags
You can get 5 x 3 from trophies ('cos you ain’t getting 1000 before you get the stacked deck).

That’s 55,2% or 5520 luck.

If we assume it has the droprates as Tolvium it has a drop rate of 1.84% from Elite Chests and Ancient Coffers, provided the zone is 35 or higher you can get this drop from those chests.

Would be nice if this was listed somewhere on the character sheet, how else do we know if the trophy’s are working?

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If we go by void ore then:

Without luck it has a 0% chance to drop.

At 1800 luck it has a 0.01% chance to drop.
At 3600 luck it has a 0.08% chance to drop.
At 7200 luck it has a 0.48% chance to drop.
At 12000 luck it has a 1.40% chance to drop.

As I was saying, it is exponential. The more luck you get the higher the chances it has of dropping. It’s not a flat percentage. For it to work as a flat percentage they should always be capable of dropping, but that is not the case. If it was static you would never see any drops of void ore. It would take you an astounding 10000 Orichalcum nodes or roughly 350000 orichalcum before you see 1 void ore, you could half that down to 5000 nodes or 175000 orichalcum ore with maxed luck.

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However, the assumptions already fail when dicing Cinnabar, Tolvium and Void Ore.

All of these materials have an entry threshold of 1800, yet Void Ore drops astronomically less often than Cinnabar and Tolvium. Therefore, it should be assumed that after crossing the threshold, each material has its own drop chance, which are unknown.

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I suspect that Tolvium and Cinnabar has a similar luck required to that of other legendary materials from Skinning, Logging and Harvesting.

Just because you datamine it to be X doesn’t mean that is how it works server side.

I’m not saying your math is incorrect but I must’ve been crazy lucky so far… I’ve mined probably around the 1k mark for orichalcum and had 3 void ore drops with considerably less than max luck, (only one minor mining trophy and no max rolls into mining luck on my gear/axe and only access to the 1400 potato recipe) I even got one of these drops yesterday with no mining food at all. I guess what I really want to know is. The drop chance you provided for void ore, are those numbers accurate or just hypothetical for the sake of the concept you’re explaining?

EDIT: I also don’t use an amulet as someone told me it was bugged and it subtracted luck instead of adding it, I’ve seen no hard evidence but I was already getting void drops at that point and didn’t want to lose that to some horrific bug.

So basically what you’re saying it that there’s no chance Void Ore drops before farming at least 5000 Orichalcum Ore ?

Also not sure I understand the math. You say :

At 1800 luck it has a 0.01% chance to drop.
At 3600 luck it has a 0.08% chance to drop.
At 7200 luck it has a 0.48% chance to drop.
At 12000 luck it has a 1.40% chance to drop.

Are those last 2 theoretical or what ? You can’t possibly get 7200 or 12000 luck… unless having Major Trophies gives a hell of a boost.

I currently have 5 pieces of armor with 4.9% Mining Luck each, my Pickaxe is GS 559 so I get about 9.1% if I remember correctly, my Amulet sucks though and only gives me 7.4% so from gear I have 41%. Then I have 2 x Minor Mining Trophies ( will get the 3rd house soon so it’ll be 3 x ) and I’m popping the +1700 Mining Luck food.

Based on this, could you do the math and tell me what my chances of getting Void Ore are, at this moment in time, please ? I feel like my current status is probably the most common one for guys that are grinding for this item.

Still not sure I understand the amount of luck you get from trophies ? It is like… 2% from Minor, 3% from basic and 5% from Major ? Can you confirm please ?

So far my experience ( and I strongly encourage anyone interested by this topic to do this, maybe we can all see a pattern of some sort ) is this :

About 20 nods in WW & MB ( but didn’t find it productive at all and moved on ) and a total of 10 hours and ~4K Orichalcum on the pirate ship ( y’all know which one :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) so overall I’m at that mentioned ~5K treshold, I got 0 ( zero ) Void Ore / 10 Tolvium / 50 Cinnabar.

To be honest, not only do I feel unlucky, but quite frustrated as well, as these Orichalcum nods for solo players are almost all contested, on all times ( literally tried about all times, 3/4 of the time I had to share, keep in mind that I’m on a Day 1 server ).

Also, no diss or anything but you cool math people should try to simplify these equations, otherwise many people will probably not get how it works.

As with anything that incorporates random number generators, it is random and to extrapolate any sort of meaning from them requires a fairly large sample base.

I got a void ore on my very first orichalcum node with 8450 luck.

On average the people we have that mine a lot with roughly 9500 luck are seeing void ore drop roughly every 160 or so Orichalcum Ore they tap which incidentally corresponds more or less to this website:

Which fyi runs with the math that the guys that did the whole kill 1000 boars used :).

I can’t get any results searching that link. :c it sounds interesting though, I’d like to see it.

Cinnabar and Tolvium each require a 101,800 roll to get.

Void Ore requires 101,800 AND 100,001. Of course you will see it less.

Try it without the www :).

Minor Trophies adds: 500 luck each.
Basic Trophies adds: 1000 luck each.
Major Trophies adds: 1500 luck each.

Have you really gotten 2x Surveyor’s Tools, because that is ridiculously lucky.

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Thank you.

There is no X

This calculation fails because it would claim that Cinnabar, Tolvium, and Void Ore have the exact same drop chance, which is obviously not the case.

The truth is that Cinnabar drops more often than Tolvium. Void Ore drops disproportionately less often than either of the others.

Also, what explains why Infused Fur has a lower drop chance than legendary hides?


Are you sure this is correct? Every wiki I see says trophies give 50, 100, 150

Make sure you edit this and switch Basic with Minor. :slight_smile:

I have less Cinnabar than I have Tolvium and so do all my guild mates as well, so your assumption is flat out incorrect.

Our rates corresponds to what you see on with minor variances that can be ascribed to being lucky.

Just because it starts out at 1800 luck, doesn’t mean that it gets the exact same chance of Tolvium or Cinnabar to assume this is incorrect at best, being able to see it 101800 luck, does not mean they have the same chance to drop at this point.

When you hit 101800 the game is likely then determining which resource it should drop and for this it uses a 0.01% chance for Void Ore and likely a more or less 50-50 split between Tolvium and Cinnabar, though I’m certain most of my guildies will say it’s more like 1/3 chance of cinnabar and 2/3 chance to get tolvium.

  • I’m assuming that you don’t have higher than 1800 luck for this.