Luck, aka MAGIC FIND, should be removed from the game

Luck is terrible stat and should not be a stat to rely on. This is a terrible mechanic to have in any game and creates the problem of “Do you want to be stronger or find more/better things?” Luck has become such an important stat at lvl 60+ that if you don’t find a piece of gear with luck and perfect stats, pre 600 gear, it’s basically not worth having.

The game should have been designed in a fashion where players can obtain their items by fulfilling requirements if not by the drop rate set by the designer. If this were the case, gameplay would be more fun and rewarding. Instead we, the players, have to farm/craft gear which also has luck just in order to replace older gear with less luck.

Now I know suggesting this change is huge and would take months to revamp, but I strongly believe the Luck Stat brings the quality of the game down by significant amount and brings no joy to the player(s).

Luck is a design which creates more problems than it solves.

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I approve of this message. I think the same thing about critical hits too.

After playing in the endgame quite alot, I agree that luck is the meta. However, it’s not that bad since you can craft items using chunk of adderstone as a mod to get a guaratee luck perk on your item.
I think this should remain as it is, because we need a way to differentiate good loot from bad loot and create value in the game. If everyone would have the same odds of progressing in the endgame, economy would take a hit and this would not be better than a singleplayer game.

yeah luck kinda over shadows everything im still using T3 and T4 green gear cause it has luck on where the T5 stuff i have gotten i trashed since it didnt have any luck on lol

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