Luck and Drop Chance Caculator, BEST Char Builder, Crafting Calculator, 3D Models, Trade Skiils Exp calculator - Database [UPDATED 19.04.23]!

New World Database with Drop Chance, Quests, Char Builder, Crafting Calculator, 3D Models, Trade Skils Exp calculator, Drop information, locations and chances from NPCs (this one gonna be in live preview on 6-7th of December!)

Hi! I’m working on (the resurrected) competitor of newworldfans and nwdb and I desperately need to get your feedback

You can check the site itself at

Table of content:

1. Quests Explorer

2. 3D models of all armor and sets

3. New World Database with all items

4. Crafting Calculator

5. Professional (Trade Skills) Experience Calculator

6. Drop Chance Calculator

7. Full info about Perks

8. Database with support of ALL languages

10. Great Nuanced guides

11. Character Builder

(Not Full) List of what is possible on the site:

Quests Explorer!

Check requirements to start a quest, requirements for the quest to show up in the list of available quests, etc. And all of it in a compact and beautiful design. And yes, translations and searches available for all languages

You don’t need to struggle anymore trying to understand why you couldn’t start some specific quest or why it’s doesn’t show up in list of your quests :wink:

Examples of quests UI/UX:

Main story quest

Azoth Awakening NW.Guide

Skill Progression Quest

Fishing With Shields NW.Guide

Cute territory quests

Elk Bull Hunters Needed NW.Guide

Faction missions

Raid: Eternal Pool (Elite) NW.Guide

2. 3D models of all armor and sets

30 sec YouTube demo:

3. Database of all New World items at

4. Crafting Calculator

It takes into account everything from equipped item bonuses to your pro level. To use it, just open any craftable item / item you want to create! For example, check out Stalwart Heartrune of Dark Ascent

59 sec video example of crafting calculator usage (Video is outdated now and models look MUCH better on the website than what is shown in the video)

5. Professional (Trade Skills) Experience Calculator

How much experience you will receive for crafting the specified number of items. Simply select any item (e.g. from the link above) to craft and you will see the experience gained at the bottom right of the total resource cost calculation. How to work with it is shown in video for Crafting Calculator

6. Drop Chance Calculator

Drop Chance Calculator will calculate the drop chance based on every buff in the game, except (yet) the music buff.

Usage example, in 3 screenshots:

and now we can play around to understand what else could be further improved. Or maybe you will understand that an additional luck increase is meaningless for you and current chances are good enough!

Try yourself with Void Ore!

Full info about Perks

  1. Perk tab for each tool/weapon/armor with information on possible perks, the chance of use, etc. For example

Database with support of ALL languages

  1. It supports ALL languages supported by the game. You can change the language using either the button located in the lower left or upper right corner of the site. But hey, in case you found any issues with your original language - we will try to fix them within 12h, just report them to us and bug thanks in advance for doing it!


10. Great Nuanced guides

And much more!

short link

Please, provide your feedback/criticism about as many of features listed above as you would like. Thanks in Advance!

Character Builder

Data and Screenshots for public beta as of 12th of Nov, 2022

Fill in information about all items and attributes

Select Skill Build for weapons important for that build

Using the most informative skill builder around, which is easy to understand or both novice and expert players

Publish it all possible or only required part of the build

Have a look at builds of others and like most powerful ones

Link to character Buidler for New World:

And link to those few build created during beta launch of char builder :wink:


Congratulations and Big Thank You for doing this! I’m looking forward to using this!


It looks like you’ve put a lot of work in and the overall impression is that it’s well laid out and runs smoothly. One feedback would be that the number of flashes to alert the user to the search bar is too many, one would suffice.

Luck calculator looks interesting, still has a few visual bugs (i.e. when selecting trophies).

Will take a while to discover everything, great to have another resource like this.

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Oh, that’s true!

It is like this because so many people got confused “How do I search/filter?”

But I do agree that it shouldn’t blink for more than a second because right now it’s kinda annoying. Tho we couldn’t fully remove it either otherwise people will be lost once again :smiley:
It’s just a problem of the website having too many different features. Maybe at some point later, a few weeks after fresh servers start when all newcomers will get used to it we’ll reduce blinking time to something like 250ms

For now, I will promise to include in the next update a reduction of blinking time to 1 second. Thanks for feedback and feel free to comment on any other UI or UX nuance you may notice

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good idea to guide people to the search bar. Just too many blinks is all. I also like your tooltips advising people what to search for etc.

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Please, don’t forget to tell us about your experience :wink:

There’s nothing more valuable than feedback from the community about the community project made for them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Coming back to fresh servers and very happy that you still supporting that great website after one year, thank you!!!

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Thanks for being a long-term user, don’t hesitate to ask for new things to be added to the site! :slight_smile:

We desperately need all kinds of feedback, from just comments on what is excellent and not so great, and to feature requests. Even in the case when we have something in the plan already - your request for the same thing may help us to increase the priority of the specific feature!

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Great work! :clap:

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The drop chances for many of the items in chests are incorrect.

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Hi! Could you please provide any example?

I would be very grateful!

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This one looks really wrong!
I will have to dig into it, thank you very much!

The update which includes a reduction of the number of blinks for the search field just went live! :partying_face:


Just by any chance, do you have any other example of an item with a wrong chance? Couldn’t find ant additional to this one

So far looks like EA Chest got merged into one chest which actually provides a guaranteed drop of void essence (but I will investigate further tomorrow)

Looks pretty good! I think it could use more drop down filters, though? For example, for items, item acquisition doesn’t seem to have an option for ‘mob drop’ or similar? How do you filter by items that drop in dungeons, world bosses, etc.?

Great work, looks nice, am curious how it is when the little bugs are gone.
You already have my support to make this thing even better :smiley:

Is there an option to add Foodbuffs for Gathering or general Luck?

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Mob drops are part of the upcoming features plan and work on it will be started right after the update of Skill Builder is live!

Actually, when you mentioned it I realized that it would be better to move the Roadmap of the project to this thread :thinking:

Some armors seem to have texture issues where they appear black or too dark.

Example is seeing Aureate’s armor:




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Also, is it possible to put a dummy model on the armor viewer?

Maybe a fright green model that wears the armor, so it’s easy to see where armor gaps/features end and begin