Luck and Drop Chance Caculator, BEST Char Builder, Crafting Calculator, 3D Models, Trade Skiils Exp calculator - New-World.Guide ( Database [UPDATED 18.03.23]!

The daily tracker has been updated to include many different locations to help you track your daily progress <3



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A lot of work was done towards adding screenshots to each and every item in the game, you can track the progress of this process on that forum thread

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Hmmm… if i order now in the next 30 days do i get a free set of steak knives too?

You’re NW informercial settings are nullified on me … i bid you good day seller… i bid…you… good day.

I see what you are doing there but if you don’t like any of the aspects of the it would be much better if you would highlight them instead of being sarcastic regarding messages on the forum :wink:

Regarding Twitch - still, no one proposed any replacement to provide at least 10% of efficiency of them

Bump :slight_smile:

We’re working on a bit update right now, but while we’re at it - check out the guide on adding the New World build you’re playing right on top of your stream!

Your new ptr website looks awesome except for the weird colors :rofl: Why? :rofl: