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31.10.2022 Update

New main page

New Layout for guides

Updated Crafting Calculator and Item viewer with nostalgic and lovely touches

Updated Search with Quests and almost everything else in the game (NPCs are coming!)

Next steps for NWGuide:

  1. Update of Skill Builder
  2. NPC locations linked with quest/item/etc shown directly on the map of the game
  3. NW Servers Status
  4. Market prices in Crafting Calculator loaded from the game
  5. Your priority, tell us what you’re looking for in the comments!

This is our plan on becoming the all-in-one tool for New World

P.S. We are looking for a partnership with 2 more English streamers, and content creators. Even if you’re not popular but your content is great we will find a way to collaborate, don’t be shy and DM me :wink:

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Such a pleasure to get in touch with a bug hunter!

I think adding a button or a few to model/set the viewer would help a lot. Like camera + light controls. Luckily it shouldn’t take a lot of time so in a week or two they will be added.

But there is still one serious nuance I would like to mention. The deal is: 3D Models couldn’t be displayed in exactly the same way in the web browser as they are displayed in the game, first of all, because the game engine of the game is very different from Lumberyard, but of course, there are much more tricks applied in-game to different aspects of look&feel.

Hopefully, a few buttons to control the scene will provide enough flexibility

Thank you so much for that valuable feedback!

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BTW, the 3D model viewer reminds me a lot of something I saw from u/Kattoor on Reddit a long time ago - by any chance are they related methods?

:link: Link to video

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Of course!

There are quite a few methods to extract models from the game and even fewer to render them in the browser. We have been very excited to do something similar a long time ago in 2021 but it wasn’t a priority for us. But today’s challenge for us is much different from 2021 - we had a chance to be on par with nwdb thanks to a very similar starting date of projects, but because projects have been offline for sometime now we facing a challenge to help people meet all our tools. And then another challenge is to help those who like our project more to switch from nwdb/nwfans because when you are used to some project it’s not that easy to start other one :smiley:

P.S. Looks like you attached only playlist (.m3u8) but not what this playlist is linked with :slight_smile:

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Hi @slender! @Transmog says that you might be interested in the opportunity of additional promotion on NW.Guide!

Please, contact me so we can discuss what kind of collaborations we can make :wink:
And yes, there’s more options than just integration of streamers


Critical issue found: number of items in crafting calculator couldn’t be changed

An update will be delivered ASAP

Update with fix is live already

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Issues with this Void Essence is fixed now (update already live) but looks like there’s a few more nuances added with latest patches. I will keep you posted

P.S. In case you will find any other chest/drop source with wrong drop chance, please, share those links with me here or in DM! It would be very helpful to finalize drop chance calculator because there’s currently no working alternatives and it would very help ordinary players and content creators

New World Guide completely repelled a DDOS attack and want to be used to improve your experience in Aeternum!

Check out the trending/rising items module on this Destiny 2 site. You should do that based on what people are clicking on the most.

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A collab with the M11 guys ( would be great and make you the NW onestopshop

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@Ghaunr Do you think they might be interested?
As far as I see @GenedictB isn’t registered on the forum

The problem is such kind of stats would be very different from what people do expect

Thanks to the openness of Destiny 2 devs / APIs it’s possible to get a lot of data about what’s happening in the game which, of course, seriously improves the landscape of what could be possibly done by the community.

Jeez, even in Genshin you can do oauth login into a player account and extract A LOT of interesting data with tons and tons of things to do with that data.

But when we talk about New World information about what actually happens in the game is much more limited and room for research/growth isn’t that big

After all, at least the main idea of “most popular” items is in development now, but we considering integration of it somewhere around re-implemnetation of builder, which will be much more than just skill builder :slight_smile:

I was talking just going off of what people are showing the most interest in on the site. Basically click monitoring.


Yeah, something like this is possible, but a solution based solely on human clicks quickly enters the death loop - being in a popular section means more clicks. More clicks mean displaying items in the popular section. And once an item reached popularity we’ll end up having almost the same items in the “Popular” section

Hopefully it helps to understand why we’re looking for another non-click based solution

Will do

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We’re working on updating the website with new data right now :slight_smile:

ETA: 1.5h

Oh and btw don’t believe what is written on the site about the last update date, it was on 2nd November.

Though the version is right, just forgot to update the date of the update :smiley:

Up: The update will be finished in 30m

Data was updated some time ago

Btw, you always can check is the data used by NWGuide is the latest or not by checking the date of data extraction in the left top corner of the page

We always keep website updated to make sure you are fully informed about current situation, all quests linked to actual data, etc