Luck bonus for flagged for PvP. Remove it, else we quit!

Thats not true. You are not doing it 30% slower. Stop being dishonest

Albion is dead? It has like 300k daily active players. Its cities cannot handle the load of the player count thus always are overpopulated. What are you talking about?

Literally nothing has changed for you. Go run around in your luck set with zero threat of being killed by a player with the exact same luck and exact same chance to get rare drops as before.

When most online games are PVE orientated and the meme was PVPers were underdogs and PVP tears etc etc. Why is it such a big issue for you that in new world it seems the other way round? Nobody is forcing PVErs to flag up. Are you all scared of missing out?

Faction gear is the best pvp gear. Voidbent is good pve gear. We both get something.

It’s 100% on when flagged. I get more rare resources without a harvesting set than I did before it disappeared and I wore one.

They made eternal pool easier to exploit.

AGS created the PvP privileged class, that does not have to wear nothing to get a powerful 30% bonus.

There is many ways to encourage flagging for PvP, the choice of a PvE buff is made to lure out crafters to become easy kills for gankers. There is no quality PvP coming for this change, only garbase ganking and zerging.

Yes AGS is. Is like in DBO you are not force to buy potions and boosts from the cash shop, but if you don’t buy you wont be competitive. AGS did the same here, the PvE buff is not optional if you want to be in the same category as the priviledge PvP players.

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You need a PvE boost when you just assume you PvP only? Why AGS did not boost a PvP system but a PvE? AGS could increase gold or drops from PvP figths, but they chose to lure out crafters which mean this company is changind the focus of the game to be PvP oriented.

PvErs holding this game alive and defending AGS devs were betrayed by AGS to favor the PvP players there were using the very exploits that caused many to leave the game.

But PvE oriented players are the ones keeping this game alive, while ehe PvPers are the ones that used exploits that caused many issues, like gold duping.

The PvPers were the ones campaigning for massive bad reviews on Steam. The PvP streamers were the ones coordinating exploits in Wars, everything bad that happened in this game so far were caused by PvP players.

So what AGS does? Creates a special privileged class out of PvPers. They have Outpost Rush to PvP but they don’t use it much. They have Wars and control territories but that is not enough. PvPers can duel each other, but they don’t like a fair fight. So AGS buffed a PvE content for whoever dare to flag for PvP, but the buff is something that gatheres and crafters are looking for. While PvPers get everything handling out to them for free, the PvErs have to expose themseolves to a hateful play style.


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This is a PvP game

If you only like PvE this won’t change a single thing from what you played before the patch

PvP players never had an opportunity to create the “small scale open world PvP they wanted” and now it is the case, plenty of players are roaming the world while flagged

You should quit now bro, bye bye if u don’t like it

You aren’t being forced to play pvp. Just play pve if you want. And in my experience, the pve players stuck on my team in opr stink, so I’m not going to miss them.

I like this change. I’ve actually seen other players, and engaged them in world PvP as I’m doing things (ie gathering, PvP faction missions). And that is what AGS wanted.

Because you see gatherers flagging it does not mean you will have a quality PvP experience. It means opportunities to gank, zerg, and grief. They are sitting ducks for your kind.

Not true, it was not advertised as such. PvP was optional, but with the goodies behind a PvP flag wall, I ask myself if this game is still worthy of my time.

Yes, we are being softly forced to PvP. It happens like in BDO when they say that you don’t need to spend money on the cash shop to play, but to remain competitive, to see some progression those cash shop potions and boosts make a huge difference. The same trick is being used by AGS, unless PvE gatherers expose themselves to a merciless gank fest they would not have the privilege of +30% luck.

More risk = more reward.

The way it should be.


What are the risks? A PvP player logs in to PvP when they find PvP they are just having fun playing their content. No risk besides the risk of having fun.

But PvEers are not to serve you as punch bags, we don’t log in to entertain you. We have our activities that now have been disrupted by a patch that creates a special privilege class of p

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So don’t flag.

Nothing has changed in regards to PvE whatsoever.


They probably think the Same about you after they Played With you.