Luck bonus for flagged for PvP. Remove it, else we quit!

Why would you need to be in the same class as PVP players if you don’t have the guts to flag up and fight them anyways? You don’t deserve to be in the same class as us if you’re not risking dying to other players. And once again you can complain all you want, but nothing changed for you. You can try to spin it however you want, but ultimately your harvesting rate, your harvesting luck, and everything else did not change one bit. No one is forcing you to flag. But if you have the guts to do so you get rewarded. I have no respect for PVE carebears who think the game should revolve around them.

So don’t flag and nothing changes for you. EZ solution to a problem with way too much complaining about literally nothing. Cry cry cry some more

Good lord, just do not flag if you do not want to deal with PvP. Even after the patch, plenty of people run unflagged (granted this has more to do with open world PvP respawn mechanics needing a change).

Stop complaining about “They got something, I WANT SOMETHING TOO REEEEEE!”. I can so very easily start making opposing demands about all those scenarios where PvE players are getting loot and progression. How’d you like it if every PvP player got up and DEMANDED all loot being removed from dungeons? How’d you like to run those then? Not very much? Then why look so surprised when PvP players also like to see rewards and progression tied to content THEY prefer to participate in?

You people are so bloody self-centered. Unbelievable.

It’s not a 100% bonus though. If you have a mining set for example then you should have 2000 luck for lvl 200 mining, around 1250 or so for the five pieces, around 900 for the amulet, around 800 for your pick, and an additional 2000 for the food adding up to 6950 or 69.5% luck. Adding the pvp bonus on top of this takes your chance to get a rare resource from 5.75% to 8.75%. It’s really not that significant. And if the risk is so low like you state then what would prevent you from flagging. It seems you’re complaining for the sake of complaining.

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I think you need to read the dev blog that explains luck before trying to correct someone. For starters, 6950 luck is only 6.95% not 69.5%.
A full set of mining gear, amulet, pickaxe and food gets you around 35% mining luck, now with PvP also enabled you are at 65% luck. It’s all explained very simply in the dev blog that explains luck.
I’ve just mined 6k orichalcum over the last few hours and got 110 cinnabar, 51 tolvium and 5 void ore, before the update, with the exact same gear, i mined 4k Ori and got 11 cinnabar, 4 tolvium and 0 void ore.

Did i say i never Flag for PVP? I dont think so.
Also all you do is insulting Others.

Did i Hurt your Feelings With my Post?

Who’s we? I ain’t quitting. XD

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Would not have a problem with it if any gear in the backpack would stay undamaged. Having several sets on me all the time pvp flagging was never a option, now it is a must since the 30% difference is just to overwhelming.

I missed the part where I ever responded to you or said anything directed at you in any way.

1%=100 luck points. 10%=1000. 20%=2000 and so on. I know I’m right, so you should follow your own advice and not correct someone when you’re wrong. This has both been tested and confirmed by the devs. I guess you read their post wrong and haven’t kept up to date on people testing luck in game.

LOL, just go and read the dev blog and stop making yourself look stupid :smiley:
Rolls are out of 100K and always have been, confirmed by the devs in their own blog post :smiley:

The buff is not an issue I guess because the game is a ghost town anyway so you won’t get ganked or have to pvp it’s not the right direction though to drive people away

LMFAO!!! You’re the one who looks so by being willfully ignorant. Clearly you aren’t worth my time if you can’t even check to see that you’re wrong. I checked to make sure I was right even though I knew with 100% certainty that I’m right and you’re wrong. I actually just found where your source of confusion is. They have stated that 1000 luck improves your odds to get a drop by about 1%. This does not mean that 1000 luck points equal 1% luck percentage. Drops are determined via a loot table and further calculations after your luck is converted to points and then rolled. 1% loot luck does not equal 1% chance of a drop on the loot table.


Faction gear is definitely not the best PvP gear. Voidbent offers better base attributes (this makes a huge difference between certain builds). It also offer significantly better base % reduc.

I think i’ll believe what the devs themselves said only 8 days ago, rather than a player 18 days ago:

Luck is quite clearly explained in the section named “Luck” and clearly states that resources have a base table of 100k, with certain items that only drop above that threshold, and that you only need the 2000 luck given from being lvl 200 in any gathering skill to be able to roll those items.

“For instance, let’s the roll range on regular tree is 100,000 (because it is!), but somewhere above that range, say 105,000, is a chance to get a fish (trees don’t drop fish, this is just an example). When you chop down that tree with unmodified luck, you have a 0% chance to get a fish. But if your luck was modified by say, 10,000, your roll range increases from 0-100,000 to 10,000-110,000, which gives you a (roughly) 5% chance to get that fish when you chop down the tree. If you only increased your luck by 5000, you would have a 0.00001% chance at that fish…”

Not a PvP player, quite happy to flag. Risk vs reward. So no, we don’t quit. You speak for yourself, no one else.

Why does everyone whinge in your generation, is it all you know?


That literally confirms exactly what I just explained. It’s not my fault that you don’t have reading comprehension.

10000 luck points give you about a 5% chance of getting the rare resource in this case which is not equal to the 10% luck that you claim lmao.

This further proves my point that luck points are put into a roll system with its own probabilities. 10000 luck points results in about a 5% chance and 5000 luck points result in a 0.000001% chance. I don’t understand how you think this in any way means that luck is 1% for 1000 points. Clearly this is following the exact system I stated above.

Once again GG EZ CLAP. Have a great day and remember to read carefully!

Do you know what the requirements for Lazarus/Genesis dungeons are currently? Calculate time-wise how much of a time commitment it is – then get a rough idea of the returns you get from 1 run, vs a time commitment to craft an entry orb.

Do you know how much it takes to get furnishing to 180 or 200 lvl? How much does a major gathering trophy cost? How much time if you want to self craft it and how gold to buy one of the AH?

Don’t think there is a clear understanding of comp-arables here.

Armor points don’t factor in pvp, only the ratio of physical to elemental damage protection and the attributes. The ratio on the pvp gear make it the best pvp gear you can get until you get god rolls on armor with rare resources. Voidbent is weaker in pvp because it has high elemental and low physical protection. The faction gear has higher physical protection. You take considerably less physical damage with the faction gear, and physical damage is what hits the hardest in high level pvp. I’m sure there are some builds where the con on voidbent may be better, but for the most part the faction gear is better because of how armor works for pvp. In the overwhelming majority of cases having higher physical protection is going to outweigh 15-20 stat points.

The best part of the update was the PvP encouragement. This is the best update ever.

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