Luck bonus is stupid

Agreed. I wish the game just rewarded people for playing instead of having to do these “luck” gear, trophies, and so forth.

The Expertise system as an “anti-bad-luck” mechanic is really nice.


There is actually a bug with the trophy system, it’s something we first noticed with crafting trophies on our server.

One of our guys got himself a major armorers trophy but when he placed it his minimum craft score was actually less than what he was expecting and less than if he had 3 basic trophies. Turns out all he had to do was travel to his houses and move all his trophies an inch. The major trophy then stopped providing negative and he was able to craft at the expected score.

We’ve assumed it’s the same with most trophies and have started moving them an inch or so every so often. Absolutely no way to confirm if that’s linked though.


Sad way of implementing “content”

People in my server are starting to sell major trophys and doing runs, dungeons without luck gear…

I am about to do the same ,yesterday i run 10 genesis with same group, i didn t get any legendary, meanwhile, the guy with less luck, 3 bags with luck, one head and chest with luck, no houses , get in a single dg 3 legendarys, after 10 he ended with 14 legendarys…

Something is really wrong with luck and is doing the opposite that should do…

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this is crazy, I will give this a try

@Luxendra, please help me deliver this to the developer team. I am confused about what I should be doing with the luck stats.

Luck improves your chance at looting rare stuf and even unlocks getting certain resources. Try playing without trophies for a couple of days and you’ll see the difference.

Our team ran for a week multiple ways to test what the threads are saying.
I think its important that we get a response from the DEVS on this right away.
Especially when people are paying thousands of gold to upgrade luck.

  1. over 40% luck - NO pearls in clothes (for the concern pearls overtook clothing luck)
  2. full luck + pearls 50% luck + PVP luck
  3. no luck at all (no bags/trophies nothing)
  4. 2.8% luck only from bags

and the one person who constantly came out with trophy mats, was the #4 person with 2.8% luck. So why am I grinding thousands of gold to buy the trophies when they have a negative effect on the player?

Can we get some help on understanding that theres an issue somewhere?

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Ive ran with full major luck trophies + full outfit/setup/pvp/town bonus luck and get greens/blues sometimes purples.

Ive ran with bags with luck and nothing else and gotten more purples than I ever have.
Theres an issue somewhere.

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Ever play Diablo 2/ used magic find gear in D2? There was a sweet spot for it. If you had too much you didn’t find as much, if you had too little you didn’t find as much…could possibly be the same here.

LOL why am I in the wrong forum? Because ive bought my trophies in game and had to grind resources to sell to get the money to upgrade them?

Because ive spent over 100k on my major loot luck trophies and full 600 gs luck armor?
And am concerned that the luck is broken in this game?

There clearly is a over 40% luck glitch right now.

You said you’re farming dollars. That’s one way to admit you’re doing RMT.

If you havent been around here, theres a few glitches with luck that you might not be aware of and the player base is asking for help getting questions answered about. Do not tell me to touch grass, when clearly all you want to do is argue something when people are asking questions and sharing their side of whats happening.

Theres forums that state there are issues if you have pearls equipped over luck clothes, the pearls override that.

Theres forums that state having too much luck basically slaps you in the face because anything over 40% people arent getting anything.

As you stated, it improves your chances of getting rare stuff. But in my case and @adolranee, it goes backward, as well using little luck bonus, the loot quality/good drops got significantly higher (my aim was looking for higher rare resources). To me, the trophies are like an investment, just like buying a car to get to work more accessible and more convenient, like getting rarer loot easier, not harder.

Right, I bought the trophies and grinded for the mats so that I could get that little bump. Long term, id like to see that be a positive impact on the game that I enjoy. But even with that, im seeing a negative impact on my game with the luck perk. Just wish we could get a clear voice from the devs on this.

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Even if luck worked. The way it’s implemented is stupid and annoying. Who wants to change out their entire gear every time they do something?

They should have just had 1 gear slot that covers luck. Would have been much less of a hassle for the player to just need to swap one slot instead of the whole outfit. But the devs clearly don’t care about convenience for the player whatsoever. That is obvious by how many annoying bugs are in the game and not being addressed.

Luck is broke af. The higher the luck and harvesting luck I get, the less of the respective drops I get. I got far more drops when I just ran mediocre gear, no jewelry and no trophies.

It’s too bad AGS won’t address this, it’s probably working as they intend it to.

I don’t mean to be “that guy” but they’ve had a ticket open about this for a few days and have now just posted there is an issue with them. Not sure how it’s just related to merges though should be its own post.

I have been moving my trophies constantly for weeks yet no sign of changes

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