LUCK farming totally broken

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    Mining luck is not affecting farming. Statistics can’t lie: before you guys disabled the market, it used to work, but now is totally broken. I mined 20 orichalcum veins with over than 40% luck among thropies\foods\equip and i didnt get a gem or something else. Never happened before, not on 20 veins.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: I farm a lot, so is very frustrating wasting time to get back 0.
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Just try to farm 10\20 veins with over than 40%luck. 0 extra items is just not possible.
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luck is a weird mechanic, i agree, however at the end of the day a percentage is still a percentage. The fact that you didn’t get anything extra may indicate that you’re actually Much more lucky than you think because getting nothing may actually be harder to do


lol reversal luck xD btw still i mined 35 ores 0 extra things, is definitely broken

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20 veins is too small sample size.

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not at all, im over than 35 now and 0 things is not an opinion, is a fact.

I noticed about the same with skinning luck. Where I usually get 3-5 sumptous rabbits, I got none this morning. I asked in local, and a guy with 0 luck gear had just gotten one. So while not conclusive, it’s possible that something has indeed been reversed.

Please educate yourself before making unnecessary posts here.
40% does not mean you have a 40% chance of looting X or Y.

For example if you have 1% chance to loot a void ore, with a 40% stuff you will have 40% chance on the 1%.
That is 1.4%.
So your sample is ridiculous and doesn’t prove anything.
Please don’t waste the time of the people who work on the forum with useless posts when the game is already full bug…

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Why the gear is “Broken”? I have the same amount of luck gear, used food, and got Tolvium and Cinnabar from about 20 veins.

Luck is totally broken, you do not need gear on right now to get the additional items. I had to walk from monarchs to WW. I had my PVP gear on, NO LUCK, no harvesting luck, no mining luck, no luck (except my tools). I harvested 2 dragonglory flowers, and got the flower (took me many many more than that with full luck gear to even see one before). This tells me that you dont have to do anything to get the additional items, and wondering, since you are full luck, is that taking the possibility away?

When I got this flower, with no luck gear/food, WW isnt even my faction, so no bonus from faction. Please fix the game!

Thank god we have a math professor here, thank you for your useless comment. 50 orichalcum veins and 0 rare drops, with over than 40% luck, please don’t waste my time. I’ve spent hours mining, i know how it works, drop rates etc , i don’t need your comment here.

they patch that brought in the battleground broke the luck on mining i guess. in 8 hours of farming i got 500 tolvium/cinnabars. the day after that there was another patch and it went down back to “normal”

i have full mining on all my 560+ items, amulet and 560 pickaxe, 2000 food and 3 trophys.
so far i have mined about 50 void ore in total, today i got one, so the luck is still working, its just not what you could expect after that one day where it was broken imo.

lol, 20. I mined hundreds since 1.0.4 dropped with luck set, food and trophy, got some cinnabars, few tolviums and 0 Void Ores … so yeah … there is something going on I guess :smiley:

Was farming with full lumberjack gear and amulet with 2 trophies. Got pretty good amount of barbvine and wildwood. Wait 2-3 days, now I have 3 trophies (all minor) and I use the 1900 log luck food. Literally nothing. I go again after the food, nothing. I wait until later, I run again and I finally get like… 5 wildwood. I got WAY more with 2 trophies and under. Unsure if it’s my luck, but my entire server (Orofena) basically asked if luck was weird sometime last night, and it was. For mining, logging, and skinning. Seemed to be off for a good amount of people.

But, hey, it’s “luck” right? Idk. Given I had more than twice the usual luck stat I would have… I got significantly less than what I do usually.

Oh there is definitely something broken about it. Have been farming rabbits for 2 hours now with full T5 skinning gear, +2000 luck dishes, 2x trophies and a couple of other skinning luck items and I have collected less than what I was getting before I had any of that.

I used to get 1 sumptuous rabbit for every 5-7 rabbits with that setup. Im now up to 210 rabbits and I have 9…

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