Luck Gear is a Problem

I don’t know how everyone else feels, and I may be completely wrong, but I really dislike the number of gear sets you need to manage in this game. I farmed all my faction gear, but I never get to use it because I have to wear luck gear when I run dungeons and elite landmark zones. If I don’t, I reduce my chance at rare items. Additionally, there is no way to filter what items/perks are in your inventory. Having storage full of harvesting, mining, logging, skinning, fishing, and generic luck gear clogging up the inventory is not only a headache, but it’s also just not fun.

If you are insistent on luck being a mechanic in New World, I strongly urge you to look at magic find/luck in GW2. Luck in GW2 is attached to the account and accumulated through achievements and drops. A system like this would therefore encourage achievements and outdoor farms.

I’ve seen many people say the game needs gear sets. While that would certainly help the problem, you can avoid the problem with a minor adjustment to the system.

Any additional feedback is greatly appreciated; let me know if you agree or disagree, share your alternatives to improve the system.



I’d like to see luck just plain scraped to be honest. Anything is an improvement on what we have right now though.


Agreed, Triddle I find it to be a massive headache.


Yep, it’s a problem. Once you have a good enough set of luck gear to survive the farm spots, there is no reason to wear anything else 95% or more of the time. Managing your inventory to put together specialized sets for the rare times you need them is a huge pain and time sink.

I personally would like to see luck tied to your territory standing level. Of course, that means they would have to make some changes to the gray zones.


This is actually been something I have been thinking about a lot these last couple days. I’ve even watched several videos where people test out luck gear - and without fail, each of those videos has come to the same conclusion: the luck gear doesn’t do anything to help out. There’s no statistical difference.

I have enough luck on my gear to have a little over 10% bonus chance to finding better items, my buddy had zero - we farmed this one boss over and over hoping for some legendary drops. I got none. I didn’t even get an epic item. He got FOUR, I repeat, FOUR legendary items (3 duplicates).

So between the experiments I’ve observed and the one I performed myself, it has become clear to me that either the RNG gods hate my existence, or, OR, it just might all be complete dog crap and luck is useless. I’ll let ya’ll decide for yourselves.

(As a statistician, I can assure you that even if you 30% luck. What is 30% of .01? It’s still almost nothing. So take that into consideration when you waste your time with luck gear.)


only luck you should see should be gem added. by opinion. something you can add on top of your stats come end game


Some of my friends and I have had weird anomalies with generic luck gear as well. That being said luck is definitely real when gathering, in fact, some rarer gathering mats require a certain threshold of luck to drop.

If you take a look at this mining guide Complete Mining Guide for New World | it will go over the amount of luck needed to mine certain materials.

So while generic luck gear may be a bit glitchy right now, I have a feeling it isn’t intended that way.

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Oh, absolutely! I was referring strictly to gear with luck on it designated toward finding better equipment/jewelry/etc.


It’s a good point. Luck is okay to a degree but having a set for each profession AND one for farming mobs makes me wonder when to actually wear my dps gear, hehe.

Could also suggest something similar to BDO where luck is general and capped at 5 points. It can be obtained on gear or gems or some achievements. After 5 in total it covers all areas. And professions sets are then more based on speed of gathering and processing fx.

I like your idea from GW2 as well though.


I don’t stress over it (I decided a while back that I’d delete luck gear if an item upgrades on it) and have found that I’m doing fine for gear most of the time.

However, it’s very true that managing sets of gear could be a lot better (and is definitely necessary when it comes to harvesting, because that’s where you really need the luck unless you enjoy grinding).

The current method of item categorisation is limited. All my armour items are grouped together. It’s a headache to manage it.

For a game that is so supportive of giving freedom to switch roles so well, it does little to support the actual process of managing the gear necessary to do it.

I’d love it if we could save sets in storage. Limit the number to faction standing if necessary (so only one set at zero standing but give us more for every 5 levels). Allow us to store an item for each logical gear slot under a set number that we can name and allow us to click a single icon to switch all of the set over (alternating the current gear worn into loose storage or directly swapping depending on the icon clicked).

I think it’s OK faction gear has no luck. Not every gear set should cover all use cases and it’s good to have choices. It’s just too much effort to manage those choices and the more freedom you wish to utilise, the more of a hassle it is (exponentially so… Managing just 2 sets of gear is trivial but try handling more than 5).


The dps gear is specifically for PvP I guess. Instanced PvP at that, since realistically you’re not going to be wearing it for OWPvP.

Luck should be a passive stat you gain for flagging.


No? It would be better as a boni for higher gathering skill.

There’s an absolutely huge difference with luck gear… lol.
I play with a company partner and we duo all our quests. He had a ring with two luck perks on it that I hadn’t unlocked yet (can’t remember which ring it is but it’s a side quest ring) and he was getting a lot of epic drops…
I then unlocked the ring, found a pair of boots, and a chest piece, and two of my crafted bags had the luck perk.
I now receive 5 epic items to his 1 epic item….

It makes an absolutely HUGE difference wearing luck-based gear.


With luck gear on your grays are greens/blues and your blues are purples. Makes a massive difference.

The system was not meant to carry around all that gear unless you really want to sacrifice your inventory to have all the luck items on call at anytime. The way I use it makes more sense to me. I have some sets for some of the gathering I use the most. I keep each of these sets scattered in the sheds where I do the most of said farming. So when I go to that area I hit up the shed, switch into my luck gear and go about my harvesting. When Im done I hang up my luck gear in the shed and put back on my normal gear. Being able to have all the luck for everything at all times was not intended. Otherwise they would have just made the luck trait universal and built up over other things instead of selected/crafted gear. I feel this is what AGS intended using this method.

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In practice though once you have 3 decent bags a few sets of gear in your bags is not much to carry.

I’d like to see it revamped or removed all together - I think it’s a really negative mechanic in it’s current state.

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Still could be better managing it though.


I like it that way it is, granted to each their own but, I feel it adds some depth to the game. Having to spread your stuff out a little bit and using different cities as staging areas for your gathering needs. Again though to each their own :slight_smile:

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