Luck in dungeons

I dont really understand from that. Is just a question: luck items work in dungeon? Yes or no? :slight_smile:


@Raftel ?

Surely they work. You can check it by yourself. Go for dynasty with someone once you wear luck, second run not and u will see big difference with drop of purple items.

I want an official answer not a RNG answer :slight_smile:

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This is an offical answer xd Just go check what is your problem.

You just dont understand my question …

@Raftel so? any news about this? 17 days past

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I think nobody can answer this question. Does increased luck from PvP work in dungeons? How does luck actually work ? What is the exact drop rate of items?

These are all hidden info.

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Hello @justAWES0me and @Hyx ,

I hope you are doing good. :slight_smile:

Let me check this query with devs directly as this is in-game mechanics.

I will get back to you once I have some information.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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keep up the good work!

Hello @Hyx and @justAWES0me
Here is an update regarding this topic of luck that might help out making things a little bit more clear :smiley:

If you have more questions we can jump to the other thread and ask for some extra clarification.

@Raftel i understand your answer but dungeons and open world are 2 different things. Thats why my questions still stands: Does luck gear help you in dungeons? Does PVP turned ON helps you in dungeons?

lets see how many weeks it takes them to respond Yes or No lol

@Raftel any news?

@justAWES0me looks like a neuronet was trying to answer your question :laughing:

Hello Adventurers,

I hope you all are doing good. :smiley:

Thank you for patiently waiting for an answer about this.

I have received a response from the devs.

They were able to confirm that the Luck should work in dungeons/expeditions as well!

However, regarding the drop rates, unfortunately, at this time, we will not be able to mention the exact drop rates of items.

For any further information on Luck, we would request you to refer the following post:

I hope this helps!

See you at Aeternum! :sunflower: :evergreen_tree:


Hi @Helianthus,
The thing is that Luck affects only item rarity → if you have high luck, you will more likely get 600 epic item instead of 600 green common item … Luck doesn’t affect ilvl which will roll.


Named items from expeditions have prerolled perks and rariry → all are epic and they become legendary only if ITEMLEVEL rolls 600! So by this theory Luck in expeditions doesn’t do anything for named items as it only affects item ratity which is constant.

So what does luck do in expeditions? Does it affect only random items which are not named? Does it affect named items at all? Because you’re running expedition mostly just for the named items … :slight_smile:


If it affects names drops, I’ll be disheartened. You need to sacrifice so much damage mitigation to run full luck. Really bad precedent moving into mutators…

@Helianthus thanks for the info. I do believe a bit more clarification is needed. If you could pass along my statement above, that would be much appreciated.

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Any update on this?

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