Luck is broken, please fix fast

Well, there is that. The luck stats are misnomers. They do not mean an additional X% chance of getting an item. For each 1% in luck, you get 100 points added to your roll. Which is, in actuality, very little.

Additionally, pearls may be broken. I’ve heard that they replace the luck of your armor instead of adding to it.

And, mining jewelry may have issues as well.

IMO more luck is always better to reach a threshold of actually being possible to drop in a reasonable amount of time. Saying necklaces or some part is bugged because you didn’t get what you wanted after opening 10 boxes today is not really valid.


More luck of any kind has always helped and not wearing a certain kind because of a tinfoil hat theory on reddit does not hold water. I get much more Artifact/Trophy mats then I ever did before loading up on luck. But… here is the catch… you need to open 1000’s of boxes not just 30-50 and call it a day. It’s rare for a reason.

Why would people on forums impact your feelings on a game? Why can’t you just make your own decisions on the game? If the posts of other people cause you such distress you can completely ignore the forums and it will have no impact on your playing experience.

Luck is indeed broken, the issue is… Its beneficial to players not to come forward as there rolls, gathers & drops are boosted like prior times when it was broke & that has been fixed what twice now & then we got no drops for a bit. This pattern is how it is so easy to see when it breaks.

The only information hint I’m willing to give devs about the current luck issues is:

  • you see green drops dropping but you get purple drops instead in your inventory.
  • You don’t use luck gear & you see multiple legendary drops after last nights patch.
    The reason for this is…

do you have 3 major loot?
i used to get at least one from 3-5 hours of stockpile run, now after i have max luck on bags and 3major, i stopped getting them for almost 70 hours now. exact same thing happens to many of my friend, and one dude sell all his trophy mats which end up using 3 minors are still getting tons of them as intended for his hardwork.
btw i think i got that achivement earlier than you, so im not just complainning, something IS OFF.

You can have bad rolls for days no matter what gear you have on.
Minor trophy Grants a global Luck bonus of 50 (0.05%).
Major Trophy Grants a global Luck bonus of 150 (0.15%).
A single piece of voidbent armor add 2800 luck or (2.8%)
You can add a Pristine Pearl for 500 more or (0.5%)
How exactly are Major trophy’s breaking your lucky streak again?

Each time you loot you roll from 1 - 100,000

Read this over first before you reply another tinfoil hat theory.

Cause you know what day and hour and minute i got this achivment, sure. Cool Story Bro.
Steam game details set : friends only. You’re not on my list.

I think people assume this is a rolling luck system but like the gentleman said, .015 percent each time you open. I got 4 trophies in 2 days then nothing for weeks, just pulled a major and basic piece this week.

However, the solution to the problem is…publish our luck percentage with buffs. Amazon puts so much of into the luck system that it’s too important to not publish. Put it on the bio as a roll-up of trophies or on the equipment menu by stats. This solution would require minimal work compared to other problems but would be a huge benefit to players.


sry i dont mean to compete or something, just meant i played 1000 hours and start early on those stockpile runs, im not just complaining about it cause some unlucky strike.
70hours of stockpile run without a drop for the 4 of us dicided to go max luck together seems just impossible for me to see it as some unlucky strike.
i just need us to be on the same page here when we discuss this issue, its critical imo if you have 3 major or around 52%luck when flagged. we stopped getting anything after hit that amount of luck.
i dropped all luck gears today and started to get them consistently again. either max luck is broken or theres a limited amount of good stuffs you can get in a period of time, i dont see any other options to explain this.

Two things are happening. The first is that AGS is constantly breaking luck. The second is their making stealth changes weekly, maybe even daily, to the luck system.

I’ve been gathering/looting as much as anyone, and eventually even the most staunch white-knight of RNG will start seeing a pattern. I mean, yes, its possible for me to be the luckiest person in NW one week and the unluckiest the next, but its much more likely that AGS has nerf-stomped whatever I was doing into the ground, or broken the system in some way.

What I do now is spend a few hours testing things like loot luck once or twice I week. If its off, I go do something else for a few days or play another game.

Here is my most recent timeline:

Flagged luck was introduced. Non-flag luck plummets, Flagged luck gets all the drops and floods the market. AGS nerfs flagged luck into the ground about 5 days ago. Around that same time, I removed my trophies and started getting drops again, until I went on a 200 chest spree without getting anything. I put the loot luck trophies back on. Its been 2 hours and I still haven’t gotten anything. I’ll loot for another hour or so and if I get nothing I won’t loot again until after the next patch.


I can confirm luck is broken since last small-patch 4-5 days ago, I think it was patch 1.1.2 or some close-to-date ninja-nerf patch. Reekwater and other high level zones I farmed (not only me, all my friends say the same, full voidbent, full luck gear on bags etc) chests do not give anything anymore, only greens and some blue, monsters same, bosses same, elite chests same.
They did something to it and don’t want us to know what and why.

I think it could be related to endgame content, they are scared that people is not playing anymore when they reach level 60 because there is nothing else apart from grind Watermark “expertise” as they call it now, or even worst spending all your money and time upgrading professions that will not give you money at all because people will not be buying these.

For me AGS its starting to do something that destroy every single game that is community driven, not listening to players.

Skins keep coming though, but soon no one will play this game to buy them.

I am retiring until next patch too.

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Luck definitely is broke


Can any devs/CM communicate with us on this?

There are a lot of posts regarding this.

A statement that it is indeed broken or not will definitely be much appreciated.

With proper statement, i believe it will also stop people from speculating on luck system.

There may be people wasting their time doing chest runs the longer this issue get any response if the luck system is indeed broken.

Thank you.

i do think luck is broken, im almost 99.99% sure of it.
hope they have actual information on this and communicate it in a dev blog because i know a CM already sent this sentiment to the devs.

I hope so, but I don’t think so.

Yes, thats how most gaming forums work. Welcome to the internet

100% this.

They haven’t explained the internal hidden elements surrounding luck factor.

I have no problems. Multiple trophy upgrades for Majors, supplied multiple guys in my company with basic trophy upgrades, usually get a couple 600 gs items a day. Luck is a skeptics game to measure and test. Plus I see a lot of people posting WF farm routes but only like 30% of WF is farmable for the basic trophy upgrades. Best route I do is North WF into MD for Basics, and RW for Majors. Usually cap the day with Myrk, Mines, & IP or Mal now.

Sorry to necro, but

  1. AGS asked us to post bugs primarily to their forum (because they control it). So you’re going to see more negative/critical complaints compared to praise
  2. New World is basically still in beta stage, by a company who has never really put out a game before.

If AGS forums is what informs your decision on whether to play MMOs, that’s a really bad idea lol. There are plenty of good, polished, highly reviewed games like FF14, Black Desert Online, etc.

Do you have a solid number of what percent of luck on gear and bags were you running and what gear you had on specifically? were you wearing jewelry? also what trophies too. and by PVE flagged you mean you were unflagged correct? Me and my company are trying to narrow down the specifics and I would GREATLY appreciate you and your time if you would share that with us. Thank You!