Luck is not Luck

Haven’t seen much discussion about this but the Devs posted about Luck.

It answers alot of stuff, but my main take away is that

Luck doesn’t affect the rate at which items are dropped but rather the quality of the item when a drop is triggered.

Basically everyone has the same rate of drops as everyone else and it only affects the chance of getting higher quality items. You see, my understanding is that the more luck you have the higher chance of dropping the good stuff. But it doesn’t, so the way their luck works is not the same as what I instictively thought it’d be. Now I’m dissatisfied, I’ve been playing this game with almost full luck and I just crafted 3 luck accessories with pearls (GS 590ish). I also have full voidbent light and heavy… all of that is wasted now.


Not true, in the quote you provided, it states luck improves the quality of the item that is dropped, which is precisely your understanding.

We all have the same chance of rolling for a chance to drop, and then when you hit that drop there’s still a roll for a higher or lower tier item to drop.

So it does affect the loot roll but my understanding was it affects the rate at which we get something, i.e. the chance of rolling for a drop and the roll for a higher tier items.

At this point we all know luck pretty much useless or is like playing lotto. Gathering luck , any gatherer can tell you they see a difference with full major trophies + gear + food , it’s working. For the normal luck , I don’t even think about it and we can see people don’t care anymore because Thoses luck bags not selling anymore

I’m just bummed out sorry, I spent so much time having luck thinking it’ll actually help but then apparently not as much as I’d thought it’d be.

Here are a few topics regarding luck you may have missed;

Also, luck DOES effect the rate of certain drops.

Another note, scroll to the bottom of a dev blog post to find related topics to that post - helps find discussions regarding them

I honestly did not see those topics, I thought I missed it or something. And thanks for that.

Honestly having a full luck set is really not a big difference but all the extra luck you have does help even if it’s a slight fraction of a percentage.

yes, more luck could be the difference between dice and worn dishes

Are you sure about that? Or does luck just get you into the bucket that both worn dishes and dice are in, and both have an equal chance?

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Luck helps your chances to trophies materials, it’s on the post.

Luck was nerfed, back when chest drops were also nerfed. In the beginning it probably worked well, then they played with the code and now we need a total of 40%+ to have a chance as the best items in the game the only have a .0000001% chance of dropping.

Stupid system, overly nerfed to the point most people assume it is broken.

Luck is totaly broken, i have 3 Max luck trophy and drop The same as my friends who dont have none trophy in mutations…
Thinking in selling my trophies to buy asmodeum.

it narrows down the loot table to the higher end things the higher luck you have… so the higher luck you have the higher chance to getting rarer drop… It would be strange to think luck would increase drop rate vs increase drop rates rarity…

so the higher luck = higher drop rate for rare items

Well, to be honest I feel it’s not working much. I feel really bad to loot only green/blue or a bit of purple prints weapons and gems on a run where I litteraly give a lot. Attacking boss in Myrk for month now, ok I got few named weapons at a lower GS than legendary (when Im 600+), but most part of the time it’s pots or a dummy green or so. For real it doesn’t give the appeal to rush elites or loot anymore. Better wait for somebody selling them…

Yep that’s what I’m gonna do now. Farm money and buy from others instead. Funny thing is I’ve gotten more commons now that I have a higher loot luck.

Same to me, well ok I got named weapons and maybe one trinket. But no way to have any piece for crafting suit or so. While a comany mate went with his full dps stuff, and got (for example) the chef shirt in two tries while I got nothing. And chef pants in more than 20 tries on the mob for most part garbage… Luck % should be % please, reduce the % but give it an helping hand providing better items. Even more when we look at enormous loot tables from Myrk mobs

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