Luck on weapons when opening chests

Can a dev or mod plz answer this question that everyone is asking but never get real answers does LUCK on weapons stack with the luck on gear when opening chests or no its frustrating using weapons that i don’t like just cuz they have luck perk

-PLZ keep this thread alive until a dev answer us

Luck only changes the chance of getting named items more afaik. Should not work on no GS items i.e “loaded dice” " void essence " etc.

I might be wrong but running with 2.8% luck on 12 items ( 33.6% total ) and i have opened over 1500 chest ( elites, t3’s, supplies etc ). And all i can conclude is that i get tons of more named items and pristine gems .

Running with regular ward set i use i get almost identical drops, just less pristine gems and less named items.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Edit: forgot to mention i have 3 luck trophies also. 2 minor , 1 basic

thnx for the answer but i want an actual dev or mod to answer me

Even they dont know themselves i think :smiley: its complicated

Yes it does stack. but you have to switch to the weapon with the luck perk before opening a chest

Referring to your statement stated that "Should not work on GS/items like loaded dice (which is throphy mats) " I would like to correct you on the loaded dice (throphy mats) .

Or if this changes please enlighten us dear developer :slight_smile:

P.S to OP everything you need to know is on this link. Please refer if no mod/dev replying to you.

@Aenwyn @Kay

They were half right. Loaded dice are not named items. But luck does help get them. probably the best use of luck in the game.

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this dosnt help ! didnt answer my question about luck weapons

loaded dice is a trophy mat lol


Weapon and shield apply while looting chests now

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I didnt say it wasnt.

The dev’s kept emphasizing that luck helps get “Named” Items, but it also helps specifically with trophy mats. So people misinterpret that to mean that only named items are affected by luck.

Trophy mats are not named items, and neither is “void Essence” but, those are definitely affected by luck.

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did you even look in the dev blog lol
for you:

Here are some of the low-drop-chance items Global Luck helps you get:
    Unique armor from expedition bosses
    Named Weapons
    Rare resources like perk items and crafting materials
    Trophy Materials
    Trade Skill Armors

did you read my thread am talking about the luck on WEAPONSS

u replying with things i already know either read my question or learn how to understand it well

You obviously didn’t read it

Continuing the discussion from [Dev Blog] Luck FAQ:

So weapons apply as every single luck perk does including pvp flag and shield

and u obviously don’t know that shields don’t work unless u have a sword and u lose stats when u seethe it

and u literally quoted something that talks about when fighting mobs and gathering am talking about looting chests

Yes stats, not the perks.

Not sure? Get a shield with keenly empowered and go hit a dummy in a fort you will see it procs normally, and so will luck.

Why are you so dense to think there is a weird interaction with chests? Did any dev or mod ever stated anything like that? Nope, stop believing in "dude trust me: source material. It is clearly stated, luck works on every single item that has the perk on it, why go on a witch hunt when there is complete information on the topic?