Luck on weapons when opening chests

I quoted something stating how global and gathering luck works, now it is up to you to believe in reliable oficial info or some conspiracy theory you hear from a random player in your server with 0 proof.

the thing said " when fighting monsters" not when looting a chest

yes when hitting a dummy the perk work not when ur actually not fighting difference between having your weapon out and fighting and looting a chest they just need to add a luck counter so people wont get confused its the same when people didn’t know if 100 luck means 1% or 0.1%

silly dude. i replied to ryanaslett

btw i already answered your question

Ok lets put it simply, where did you get the info about when looting perks not being active? Do you have a source for that info? Cause if you dont this whole discussion is pointless

Continuing the discussion from [Dev Blog] Luck FAQ:

Is there anything else you want? Because once again, its clearly stated on the thread! You insist on creating a rabbit hole that doesn’t have any evidence to back it up.

Nowhere is stated that if you open a chest you are in a “special” situation where your weapon perks shouldn’t work.

@Fenrirskoll @luxendra

Can we get someone from the official team to make a statement and end this discussion once and for all?

I was unable to tell if you just weren’t reading or understanding what I wrote or trolling, so no point in continuing to engage.

Luck on shields still doesn’t work thou, when you’re sheathing it the luck perk should be the exception of deactivating the perks.

no. armor perks stay activated when shield is Sheathed now. including its stats. [aslong as you have a sword in one of your weapon slots]

Can you attach a link from the devs that enforce that statement please? Thank you .

you can spend literally 10 seconds testing it. your stats. refreshing / refreshing evasion / absorbtion / ward all apply while shield is sheathed. luck is built the exact same way and operates the exact same way. [also you can test it with void essence. but that is cringe and annoying to do]


Pretty sure this was addressed a few patches ago. Cant tell for sure wich, but it was before bss release. Guess they didnt update the original post.

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