Luck Percentages not working

Character Name: Chloe Decker
Server: El Dorado
Issue: I’ve read the forums on luck percentages and how they affect luck but I currently have about 60% luck with all my gear, food, trophies, and being flagged and have yet to get anything other than the rabbits foot and gypsum during the corrupted rabbit event. Also I’ve killed over 3k corrupted rabbits. Another company member had less than 10% bonus luck and got the chest in 7 kills. Please either fix your luck percentages to be a little more helpful towards getting low drop rate items or just remove luck from the game. Been playing for about 6 months now and still have yet to see any actual benefit from luck bonuses stacking. Please fix your algorithm or your player base will most likely suffer due to lack of being able to play the game appropriately.

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Global luck only affect the chance to access the ^named^ drop pool.
You will not get more bags, or more purple, you just get a better chance to receive a named item from a drop.

The chest its not a named drop, so luck wont help you here.


The chest is a higher end chest tho so it does affect it. According to the updated forum on how luck affects drop chances. It specifically states that higher end storage chests are a part of the luck rolls. So again why am I not receiving a storage chest after 4k rabbits killed with 60% luck?

yep, you are rigth, but for opening chest and killing monster.
All two of the above have multiple loot table and pool.
the bunny from this event can only drop the chest (only one possible pool)(besides gypsum and their foot), so i can assume that this isnt working as a normal chest drop.

since luck only affects the drop(the bag) to contain a named item, or rare chest, its not working with this event because as soon as a rabbit drop the bag, that bag will contain the chest 100% no luck involved.

And luck as stated by devs, do not increase the amount of ^bags^ dropped by npc.

Hello! We can confirm that chest drops are not affected by global luck.


fix shirking its game breaking @Aenwyn

Really!? Can we please get a breakdown of the loot tables? How are we supposed to know what global lack affects and what it doesn’t affect? How many people have used their consumables on this chest drop….

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Here’s a good look at how luck works!

Luck isn’t a percentage, dispite it being displayed as such.
1% luck = 100 points, so. 60% luck = 6000 points.
Roll range is 1-100,000 by default.
At 60% luck-
your range becomes 6000-106,000.
So say the chest requires a roll of 101,000 (speculation as I do not know the roll required for the chest), your chance of getting the drop each time is 5/93.
Now this doesn’t change, so have about a 6% chance any time you kill a rabbit of getting the chest, and a 94% chance of NOT getting it.

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If luck doesn’t affect the chest drop why did the teaser for the event say to have as much luck as possible to farm for the chest?

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well, because you need real world luck to get it fast :smiley:

It’s was easy to know that ingame luck doesn’t affect the drop chance.

AGS already said many times. Luck doesn’t affect the chance of getting a “bag” to drop.
But it does have effect on the “content” of that bag. (+% named items, some special items, etc)

But in this rabbit event, the little wabbits can only drop 1 item. So you will be adding more “luck” to an already 100% chance to drop item.

The hard part here is to get them to drop the bag. And there is nothing in game that helps on that roll. Just go kill lots of bunnies.

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You’re right, I remember reading that too. I also thought they said you have to have at least SOME luck to be able to get it.

I guess the teaser could be interpreted as meaning Real-Life Luck, as in you have to be lucky to get it, which does not necessarily imply in-game luck mechanics.

They removed the post stating that luck affected the drop and re-posted one that omitted that statement the day the event went live

It’s because whilst the property that is affected in game is called ‘luck’ its not a good name for what it actually is. when you see ‘luck’ in terms of an in-game stat that can be augmented read it as ‘Luck Quality’, and ‘Gathering Luck’ as ‘Gathering Luck Quality’.

The modifiers of each of those stats don’t affect drop chances just the quality of the items that do drop when they eventually do.

Except luck has not functioned as intended for a single patch - never mind that the PvP flag has NEVER displayed in its tooltip the benefit. On top of luck being attached to a pvp flag being a downright terrible idea, which was explained 10000x over on the forums. (9/10 Flagged people I run by just ignore me or even make sure I know they don’t want to PvP - they just want loot. You know, the exact thing we said would be the case.)

-You can pick a patch and theres a new exciting way to completely bork your loot tables with it. Whether thats putting pearls in luck gear canceling it out or even increased luck LOWERING luck.
I think more than half of the questions around luck stem from it flat out not functioning properly…

-Whether INGAME luck was supposed to apply here or not - luck is a clusterF(((( and has been since launch. If the INTENT was for only SOME to get it - you wouldn’t make it farmable. It would have a limited # of rolls per day like the feet, or alongside the feet. example: Its only on the loot table while Corrupt Rabbits Feet can drop.

tl;dr A new item with a limited window of availability is expected. .It being both farmable and having world drop chances are not expected or pleasant. Reads as an activity/login grab for AGS not an Event for Players.

I got my chest yesterday, after 60 rabbits ^^

I’ve killed hundreds, companymates have killed thousands - much like yourself a person who killed fewer than 200 with only a PvP flag for luck got it. Out of the entire company.
That player also spent the least amount of time looking. Meanwhile several company members (not me lol) have spent the majority of their day farming rabbits in full luck gear, full pristine pearls, flagged - thousands of kills later: Nada.
What should be a statistical anomaly seems pretty damn commonplace.
Why would this be a good item to treat like a world drop? (Logins and Active Time.)

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