Luck perk on items seems to give negative luck

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  • What is your character name in New World: kingsauce
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: sitara
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: When I’m farming jewelry from named monsters like Inquisitor Matthias, Foreman Harold, Ruiz Velazquez and Antonio Guerra for example, I always get it waaay later than people who run no luck gear and I have luck on every single piece that I can. I have 21.7% luck with the full gear set, 1 weapon, 1 shield, 2 jewels and 1 bag + two minor luck trophys and it takes me sometimes 30x longer to get a jewel piece. I had someone get a jewel piece 3x in front of me in duplicates and left (Ill-Gottain Gain) and i had to keep at it for an hour after that to get it. Remind you, he had no luck gear or trophys. This is a recurring trend for the only farming i’ve done for drops since I started New World and it’s not even close. My friend got a jewel in 1 kill with almost no luck and took me 30 kills with 19% at the time (yesterday). Now, I’ve been farming Inquisitor Matthias for 7 hours to get the amulet Inquisitor’s Verdict since he has a 6 minute respawn time and a bypasser from my faction got it in 3 kills with 0 luck (he confirmed he had 0) and no trophys. After a while I got curious about testing it and removed all of my luck gear and got it first try. Seems broken. Also his gear score is way under me since he’s lvl 40 and i’m lvl 55 with updated water marks on all slots, especially my amulet which is a 480 gear score amulet that dropped from a mob vs the 395 gear score one I was trying to farm. Either it gives negative luck to have luck on every piece, or it doesn’t do anything and I have bad luck to boot or even worse I’m just so unlucky compared to everyone that farmed with me even if I have this high amount of luck (would be funny if luck is confirmed and tested to work). Atleast I know that mining luck works since I’ve gotten near 1k fae iron and tons of gems through mining luck food, mining luck gear, mining luck on the pickaxe and 2x mining trophys. Clear difference in gems, fae iron, voidmetal and azurite chunks.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: A bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: It took way longer to attain items that other players had a breeze to get around me
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: yes with time
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: I would include a picture if I could show the total luck I have on me to be 21.7% but there’s no such stat line shown anywhere in the UI so there’s nothing to show.
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Get full luck sets and trophys (2x trophys in my case, 1 in each house) and don’t get loot.

i had the same feeling yesterday when gathering wood.
from Skill 90-98 with buff food (1400) 0 items.
the food runs out and i found whisper wood and a lot of resin from 98 to 100.


There is definitely a loot issue. Every piece of epic gear I got since level 40 was light Musketeer brigand gear.


agree - i tested 150 nodes with 4 items with mining luck and i go zero drops - removed it all did another 20 nodes and got 12 items - similar with harvesting


My experience in restless shore is that the light Brigand set drops from the oceaview post and the one next to it too. Also drops from the lv50 elite zone i mourningdale at the very top right of it. Don’t know if it’s just there or if the variety is limited for lv 40-50 purple gear overall.

It is possible that gathering luck doesnt work the same way as general Loot luck. Youtuber “Demone Kim” commented that gathering luck is highly affected by skillevel, so it will be hard to judge how gathering luck works unless you are 200 in skill(uncertain of source of info).


That happened to me between lvl 50 until 60. Same chest piece, same stats and perks, just different gearscored versions of that coat.

hi i have a same kind experience with using food that should give increased luck for rare items wile harvesting or woodcutting. i have noticed this food does nothing . this is not a fun experience because the food was hard to get and at first the price was ok to trade with . but now people experience it does nothing the prices dropped. i am disappointed. feels like i not only waisted time but also does this show me that this game is far from finished and still in beta version. because a released version should not have many flaws and buggs and stuff . sadly releasing a beta game as is . happends alot for whatever reason . we players are testers and should report everything back at them. we do the test work and don’t get credit for this . or am i mistaken ?

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For the most part, a lot of the gear is themed based off of the mobs/territory/events you are farming in. So getting the Musketeer set over and over when farming the same enemy types seems reasonable.

I was questing in Restless shore, Mourningdale and Great Cleave between level 40 to 48 so cannot be this. I reckon the patch will have fixed it, but we shall see (if the EU servers ever come back online).

hello - change the language and look at the luck and gathering perks on items or the perk in the auctionhouse. somethings not right here at all (screenshot is the same item)


Luck doesn’t work. Makes it worse.
I checked, assembled a miner set and farm three times the same spot with and without a set for luck.
mined + - 1000 iron ore. I was lucky 1-3 times with clothes for good luck. Without clothes for good luck 3-7 times.

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Rngesus, friends, R, N, Gesus.

I mean, maybe luck is in fact bugged, that is possible.

But it would also be possible to put on a loadout that makes a given enemy 99% likely to drop its given fancy thing, and never get it a single time in an inifinite amount of kills.
So it is entirely plausible that you are putting on luck gear, and find things slower, by sheer chance.

As long as I’m acknowledging the possiblity of a bug and y’all have been testing it, I’ll ask:
What about the luck foods for gathering? Have you also found that to be detrimental, or does that luck work according to your experiences?

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Meh maths

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There was one time I put on the weaver’s ring or w/e for the double luck perks but all I got from dungeon chests were common items. When I took it off was when I started getting greens and rares again. From then on, I was afraid of that ring.

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I got exactly the same thing. Full 5 pc set of Harvesting gear + 1400 Luck ‘Cornbread’ and - Nothing

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Possible, but NOT probable.

This is across the board - happening to everyone that is trying to use the skill gear and potions. It is broken.


It MIGHT be broken. And might not.
You cannot assume it’s bugged or broken just because it happens to everyone. It’s also not happening to everyone, just everyone youve heard talk about it.
“Possible” trumps “probable” any day.
“Probable” is trivial. “Possible” is hugely important.

Whether it’s broken or not, AG can’t use the results people get to determine that it is/isn’t because those results tell us nothing. We can’t know if it’s bugged until the bugged code itself is seen.

The real flaw is using flat chance for things in the first place. You might think 50% chance for something is a high drop chance, but possible trumps probable, and it’s possible for the item to never drop in infinite tries. Therefore a flat 50% chance is unacceptable. Any flat chance is unacceptable. Eventual guarantees are obligatory.
So an item having a 1% chance on first kill, then 1.5% on second, 2% on 3rd, and continues stacking all the way to 100% if the item never drops, then resets back to 1% when it does drop.
I don’t believe NW does that, but it needs to.

Look around the forum they have already confirmed loot bugs on other mobs and resource nodes.

But we still have nothing being commented on the gear stat bugs.
@TrevzorFTW are you around here somewhere?

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there are no bugs on luck based gear…people just have zero clue how probability works. I have had the opposite experience…the more luckpieces i wear the better things i have had when i mine. This just means that you had bad RNG, thats how these things work.