Luck question based on the post

The post had two sentences that seem to contradict each other:

(from [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2)

“For instance, let’s the roll range on regular tree is 100,000 (because it is!), but somewhere above that range, say 105,000, is a chance to get a fish (trees don’t drop fish, this is just an example). When you chop down that tree with unmodified luck, you have a 0% chance to get a fish.”

“With gatherables in particular, increasing your gathering skill adds base luck to your roll, with Level 200 granting a total bonus of 2000 to your base rolls. There aren’t any cases in the game where not having a luck bonus will prevent you from getting an item as long as the associated Trade Skill is at 200.”

That theoretical fish would be impossible to get with unmodified luck even if I had 200 in logging, which seems to contradict the statement in the second quote that there is no case I would not get an item with a 200 trade skill. 100.000 plus 2.000 from 20 trade skill is not getting to 105.000 that the fish would need.

So where is the confusion here?

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I guess there isn’t any item that requires 105k, and the fish example is not really accurate for the rest of the game

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Skillo is rigth, to unlock higher luck required items you need 1800 Luck. So if you are lvl 200 you will have 2000 more and you will unlock all.

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OK, does that then mean that having extra luck from trophies or mining luck from the pick, or luck in clothes are not needed?
Or is this a range thing at this time?
Having 140.000 luck from all sources possible, but the highest luck item is 101.800 means now that there are more chances ( (140.00 - 101.800) / 140.000 to be exact) to get that highest luck items?

There are two things at play here:

The first thing you need, is to become “elegible” for said drop. and thats where the whole 200 trade skill luck thing becomes relevant, it means that you can drop the item without any additional luck.

However, the drop chance is still abysmal, and you’ll still take a long time (if not lucky), lets say .010%.

Then any extra luck is meant to make you more likely to get that item, with 30% luck you’ll have 0.013% instead of 0.010%, which is a big deal. Luck will always be handy for more drop frequency, the only instance where its not worth is when you just want to minmax. Minmaxing luck for very high gold costs (like trophy prices) are in my opinion simply not worth it unless you intend to farm 8h a day for a long time.


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