Luck with pvp works?

i got couple people on goblal saying that pvp gives 10% luck and some people that said it dosent. so thats my question. pvp flag gives luck or not??

Yes, it does work.

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And thanks @jdmshyt510 for sharing, part of the information @Wyvernn shared in that topic is this topic from the Dev Corner Forum Section:

Does PVP mode enabled Luck give you better chances to get rare items and artifacts?

"PvP provides players with 10% Global Luck to roll a Named item, and 30% Gathering Luck, which helps in earning low-drop chance items. The Luck received in PvP functions the same as any other source of Global or Gathering Luck, so depending on the creature or gatherable, it will increase the chance of finding the rare things from those loot attempts.

The PvP luck bonus only applies in the open world and doesn’t apply during instanced content, like Expeditions, since there is no PvP threat."

Hope this information helps to clarify your doubt.

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