Luck's impact on chests - Dev Blog vs Dec Release Notes Discrepancy

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Looking for clarification on these two points. At face value, the devs are telling us two very contradictory things. I’m hoping that the release notes are intending to refer to chests you open from your inventory (not affected by luck)… vs searchable chests in the world (are affected by luck). But the release note is very unclear IMHO.

From the Winter Convergence Release Notes:

Daily interactions with the Tree of Light have the rare chance to drop event weapon and armor patterns as rewards.

As with any openable container, luck does not apply here.

From this dev blog post:

There are two ways we interpret luck:

An overall scale that you can think of as a ratio of when things occur or a percentage chance to occur.
A relative scale that has a movable odds range based on other values we add into it.

Things like enemies and searchable containers use Method #1 above, where anything in their drop list can occur, and your luck stat increases the likelihood of you getting the less common items in the list

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They clearly mean world chests for Luck explanation and they clearly mean inventory boxes for the event.

They already differentiate the two:

Searchable vs openable

The former are things like elite chests while the latter are essentially caches from things like CP or OR.


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