@Luxendra Regarding OPR

Hi, Firstly let me congratulate you on the awesome game! I love it, also thank you guys for listening and to doing everything possible to improve it for all of us!

I know all of you play the game internally and on live servers, so I would like to ask you guys to try something out if possible.

Its public that most of you play heavy armor and some of you GA/WH, nothing wrong with that ppl play what they like, what I wanted to ask you was to grab a few devs and jump into a EU server and play a couple of OPR’s BUT play with light gear and a different choice of weapons! go casters or archers or something that you guys don’t usually play.

Why am I asking this?! so that you guys can see how frustrating it is to play in OPR’s were lag is real, were desync is constant, were WH/GA players dominate everyone else, were healers are unkillable raid bosses from the perspective of a light armor player.

We know you listen to our feedback and try your best to change things for us but unless you experience it for yourselves, getting into our shoes you will never get it…

I’m a 42 year old that has been gaming online since 1996 (Ultima online and Quake) I’m trying my to stay positive and i know for a fact that all of us here want the game to succeed.

So please… try what I’m asking with a few of your colleges. even if you don’t come back here to share your findings.

Keep up the good work and see you in game!

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