Lvl 60 Factionless

It’s finished! The first factionless 60! Played 5 days 20 hours. Lets see what knew and exciting challenges people can impose on themselves! possibly a no bank 60?


Nice! Congrats!

Any tips for making some gold!!

sell any mats you’re not currently using to level up, it’ll save bank space and keep funds flowing

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@MountAndDew , do you mind letting me in on how you dealt with the issue of not being able to get an Azoth staff and therefore never being able to deal with a corruption? What I’m really asking is how did you get Azoth?

you can still acquire azoth from monster kills, vial of azoths from drops, and use tools with azoth perks. Can also run corruption portals if you have a friend or find a group that is doing it with staffs just go and kill stuff while they use their staff ^^

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Just make sure someone else is present when closing breaches. You also get azoth from kills, and if you have the perk from gathering.

this is New World’s equivalent to Ironman leveling

I also doing this as well but only crafting and no quests. So far I am now at lvl 37 and have fishing 200, mining 200, smelting 170, cooking 160. I can’t wait till I beat my goal and see where it leads me



Update one progress of my factionless adventures. Not sure if you are still interested but I was forced to do 6-8 quests. Due to the update that stopped factionless players who have done no quests to do upto auction house quest. Yes I realize I could still trade by general chat but I am not that patient to make money.

Besides that I now have 20,000 steel ingots and should be getting another 10k star metal so I should be maxing couple more skills to max.

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