Lvling your Weaponsmiting is a nightmare now?

I have already grinded my ways up to 200 armor/engineering but… JESUSsss
Weaponsmiting is freaking hard now.

I’m at lvl 140 at weaponsmiting about to reach lvl 150 today.
But the requirements to reach lvl 200 really scare me.
It’s FREAKING 8.5k Orichalcum ingots.

I can farm around 500 Orichalcum ingots a day. And it would takes me 2 weeks of hitting that iron/Starmetal nodes non-stop every single day.
Not to mention the amounts of sandflux I have to buy.

I can farm and sell mats or craft and sell Luck/Yield tools everyday, to get 5 to 6k gold a day, which is also enough to buy around 500 ori ingots.
Coz they are 12g each in my server.
Hell, I will even make a few more ingots if I craft them myself instead of just buying it.

Unless I’m hella lucky and get loaded dice everyday which is around 20k in my server, it will take me 2 weeks of nonstop hitting nodes to reach 200 weaponsmith.
With GS farming and some gold farming to buy sandflux, i’m guessing it would take 3weeks. GODDAMN THREE WEEKS OF MY LIFE.

And my dumb ass is thinking about doing it anyway. Damn u AGS.

I am not defending AGS, but I just want to know why you want to rush it? Could you not take it more casually, and do it over a month or two? Why do you have to do it in the shortest amount of time possible?

to catch up with people who already speed-run lvl 200 trade skill pre-patch. There are huge money-making advantage.
Also, you never know if one day devs suddenly decide once more “oh hey, crafting is still too easy, players get burn out etc, let make it even more harder than it is so they’ll have to stay and grind more” (joke on them, people quit)


You would think that a smart developer, that knows how to actually make games instead of whatever dumpster fire this thing is, would know to make the crafting harder for the first wave and then slowly make it easier so new players are not at a permanent disadvantage verus the ones who had the money to jump in right away.

If I was making an an MMO I would make sure the team had economists to advise the crafting/resource implementation team so that it is done is a way that supports the future economy not trash it…

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