M10 Dynasty Spear/Rapier Tanking Guide

Hi everybody!

After my solo run, I figured it was time to make a tanking guide for m10 Dynasty. This guide is for a lightweight spear/rapier build with 150 con, so it’s definitely not a standard build, but in my opinion, it is a far more engaging and fun way to tank. My favorite part is probably tanking the dog boss with this xD

If you want to give it a try, the most important perks that are required to attempt this would be full ward and fortifying perforate on your spear

M10 Dynasty Tanking Guide

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Really interesting way to tank. The only problem i could see is the survivability is pretty low, but as long as your moving around a lot i guess that would negate that issue. Thanks for the video :grin:

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Haha yeah, something about constantly being 2 or 3 mistakes from death just really gets my adrenaline pumping lol. I absolutely love it cause I’m testing my limits and really seeing what I can do in this game. I’m expecting to do even lower con with the runestone update :smiley:

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That’s awesome. I’m going to give it a try later tonight, I’ve been looking for a way to spice up my tanking.

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Let me know how it goes! I hope you have fun :smiley:

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Have you ever tried hatchet and sns? I love it. The dps i can pull off with the hatchet is similar to your build. It’s almost like your running a whole dps role but still able to pull things and stay alive. 300 str and 200 con is what i usually run with it.

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Yeah! I run a lightweight hatchet/sns build for genesis speedruns. It works really well with fortifying shield rush on the shield, and honestly if you get a decent group, you can drop down to 100 con and just trust your defy death for some of the larger pulls like that part near the seed cleansing :smiley: but like you said, the dps is fantastic with hatchet :smiley:

Edit: for the genesis build I put 150 into dex also for the lower stamina consumption when dodging, which doesn’t let me get the 300 str grit, but you’re berserk half the time, so who needs it xD lol

Good point, i gotta give that a try later :laughing:

What server are you on? I’ve heard great things about your tanking, and I’d love to dps in your group some time if you happen to be on the same server as one of my non-Yggdrasil characters :smiley:

I main in Maramma. Would be awesome to play sometime, feel free to message me ingame if you have a character, name is Apocalyptic.

Yooo that’s some great luck! I’m still leveling up that character, but the ign is HotterNThresher. I think it’s like lvl 45 right now, so it’ll be a bit before it’s up to par lol