Mage Builds - Refreshing Evasion vs Shirking Fortification

I have been playing a lot of mage lately and have two builds I run that I thought i would share. Here are the two schools of thought around them.

Skirmisher: The idea is that you can take a good punch in the face and the more damage you can absorb the more you can dish out. It’s ideal for those duels, 1v1’s or 1vX’s you get in OPR or in the open world. I imagine it would be good in arena too. Uses either physical aversion or shirking fortification. The later been better if you’re dying to melee a lot and the former better if you’re getting pinged by muskets.

Zergbuster: This is a good build against larger groups and applying good AOE pressure. This uses refreshing evasion to blast through your cooldowns. The idea is that the sooner your defensive cooldowns are up the sooner you can use them to protect yourself via CC’s or teleports etc. Also, this helps increase dmg because the sooner your big damage skills come off cooldown the more damage you can push out. It’s good against those 5 mans or more when they are dominating zones.

Not sure which one I like more actually. I am now using 200 con which helps a lot. Here is a video to the full builds: New World L2P Mage - Two Builds - Skirmisher and Zergbuster build | Fire Staff & Ice Gauntlet EP 2 - YouTube

Nice what awesome builds. You don’t see many mages at the moment

sad wake up

refreshing evasion just works for the weapon u are having in ur hand. not both. weirdly this doesnt apply to refreshing which definetly should :slight_smile:

made a topic about it, but like most things here.

they dont care and forget

@Lilac :wink:

Oh that’s good to know!

Thank you friend.

Man its sad how badly this perk rework patch failed.

And to just go into radio silence after…

Ashes anyone?

What do you mean?

Go play Ashes of Creation then. Whenever it releases.

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I’m so confused lol.

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Yeah that works fine. Faster CD’s on the abilities you need in exchange for slower CD’s on the one’s you don’t need.

It does apply to refreshing. All the refreshing you’ve stacked applies instantly on the ability you just used which happens to be an ability belonging to the weapon you have drawn. It’s not like you can use abilities on weapons you don’t have drawn.

thoose cd are still reduced, sheet ur 2 weapon and check

Yes, all the refreshing I have stacked works on both weapons as soon as I use an ability. That’s how it’s intended. What exactly am I checking for?

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That it doesn’t matter if u use the Weapon or not, refreshing applies to all Cooldowns.

For example my Firestaff was active.
Meteor shower had 17 sec cd with refreshing
Ice storm had 18.8 Sec cd with refreshing

after removing my earring with refreshing, both skills got a small cd increasement.
Meteor Shower from 17 sec > 17.5 Sec
Ice Storm from 18.8 sec > 19.4 sec

Yeah it works just fine. It’s not like the game can predict how many times you’re going to dodge and give you a final CD on all your skills. Refreshing and Refreshing Evasion works as intended. If Refreshing Evasion worked on sheathed weapons, no one with a brain would run Refreshing.

tell me where the description says " only works for the current used weapon " :stuck_out_tongue:

and honestly 0.75% takes 4 whole dodges ( which is kinda dangerous to waste ur stamina, after these stamina nerfs ) to get to the same effect that refreshing has ( for having no risk at all )

gotta agree that dex user and medium builds would explode with that tho… since they can braindead iframe

Yeah that’s a good point.

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i know :smiley:

Believe it states “active codowns” somewhere

ye active.
but a cooldown thats running on a secondary weapon, isnt inactive