Mage still Trash vs others

Dont Link abuse of Bugs or broken shit lol the Icespike is Bug at the moment and Void is still a Braindead OP Weapon … and the Video is a Montage of the most Beginners incl. yourself i talk about the real Problems since Beta the still there …

is see some horrrrrrible ga users that basicly hold still for you…as you dont seem to hit more than 1.5k (i coulda missed some) while if they had half a brain could light attack you for 3k a swing…so moot with wonderful choice edits with basicly training dummies


Now tell me another story without crying.

if your dying with LS/VG to 1 person (no matter the spec), im sorry but that just means you’re bad.

Literally anyone who says Mages were “fine” is either biased or hasn’t seen enough 1v1s of a Mage vs an at least decent Great Axe & War Hammer or Bow & Spear player.

Given equal skill - zero chance for a Fire Staff & Ice Gauntlet user.

I’m also shocked how little Fs the devs give about us Mages and the existence of PVP balance in general.

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Most posts like this are, I think, because weapons don’t feel consistent.

This is because its an MMORPG where GS scales differently for every player.

anyone makes clips with their best moves (mostly killing bad players), after a lot of OPR, everyone has their best scenes.

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People saying that mage is strong don’t even play with him, they just want him to stay weak so they can keep killing him.

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What are you even trying to say? No weapons can kill a good VG/LS player 1v1 = all weapons damage is rubbish?

Let’s be honest, you just want FS/IG to be braindead OP, like is was.

It is clearly much more balanced now, and the weapons are still good, and probably will do very good if rated small scale pvp comes out.

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You are a mage disguising as healer and your comments are enough to conclude you are lacking in both.
Maybe try a bruiser Gaxe skin now. Could work .

I’ve been playing LS/VG since the gun was released but I find FS/IG more fun.

No, only FS/IG damage is bad.

I love how people that are saying that mage is weak, ale prolly the same people running in heavy armor. Atm ig/vg build is one of the strongest builds in the game, that can oneshot basically everyone.

Had just yesterday a very great fight against a 0815 Musket opvp built. It was a fantastic fight.

Against greataxe. Well a good player with light armor is hard a very hard enemy with IG/FS ore FS/ IG. Thats for sure. But you can still manage it. The aoe of the mage, not sure. But well placed Pillar, Fireball and Icestorm is still badass aoe dmg. I still play the classy Mage with 3 skills in use, It works for me. i could switch burnout aganist Incinerate. But without the second escape from rapier… well. Even my IG is very classic, i need the icerain. the other builds are fun but i still need to escape^^
Flamethrower isnt a option for me, it is almost useless in Lightarmor.

Overall, i dont think mage is dead
OH and heavy Armor Mage, Lightsaber and IG is very broken btw^^

That is not true. Any mage that says the weapons are trash and cant win any 1v1s is either lying or just not as good as they think they are.

I have been dueling a lot and watching other duels and that is not my experience at all. I also follow many streams, so I have seen other point of views of capable players. Xaryu (a wow arena streamer) is a good example (great guy btw, I recommend his stream). He has been playing mage since he started New World. He struggled a little bit after the nerfs and were honestly quite angry at the changes, and I totally understand where he is coming from. However he kept using the weapons and has been dueling a lot. Now he is even coming up with new builds that he though was meme builds, but he actually makes them work. He consistently beat good players in duels. He beats a melee player with GA/WH, that he consider one of the best melee players on the server, all the time.

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That is straight up not true . You mages are just man children who cry and complain when you get balanced and can’t one shot anymore.

Mages never one shot anyone. The ice gaunlet stun and broken fire staff perks were the only thing “OP” about mages.

As a bow player I call bs.

I can’t out dps a LS heals. I’ve got a video of a LS user and I trading hits and his light attack was doing more dmg % wise to me than my lights were doing to him.

My heavies and pen shots just did jack squat to his 200 con build.

When my attacks only do 1k dmg with 300 dex, it takes a whopping 12 hits to kill someone. While it only takes 3 to kill me. Idk man.

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There are plenty of proofs that you are wrong on that one, and I have even experienced that myself while testing light armor in duels vs IG (post nerfs).

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Please show this one shoting please.